Yellow, the Colour of Hope and Luminosity

Yellow will lift our spirits and our self-esteem; it is the colour of confidence and optimism
Yellow will lift our spirits and our self-esteem; it is the colour of confidence and optimism

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun. ~ Pablo Picasso

Yellow glows the most as compared to all the colors of the spectrum. The color catches sight faster in comparison to other colors. The color finds itself in interesting objects gifted to us by nature – lemon is a symbol of freshness whereas a sunflower stands for cheerfulness.

The color has an aura of happiness, positivity, sunshine, success and confidence. It uplifts one’s mood and allows us to focus on the brighter side of life.

Yellow is a significant color in many cultures, like in Japan, it means courage and nobility, in Islam it means wisdom, in China yellow stands for humour and royalty. For Native Americans yellow is the symbol for unconditional love. Yellow is the color most often associated with deities in many cultures, hence considered auspicious and pure.

Yellow is also the color of the Solar Plexus Chakra. Located just above the navel, this Chakra controls our ability to communicate with the unconscious world, keeping our ego-mind in check, and develops our intuitive power or ‘gut feeling’.

When this chakra’s energy is in flow, it boosts self esteem, respect for others, calmness and initiative. You feel friendly, joyful and confident. People with balanced yellow energy display a sense of intellect and an eye for detail.

yellow-autumn-forest-fall-leaves-naturePeople with unbalanced yellow energy suffer from difficulty in concentrating, decision-making and getting in touch with their inner self. The soul goes through layers of dilemma leading to many health problem, insomnia being one of them. Chaos in the mind being one of the leading cause, keeps them in a world full of confusion. This friction in mind creates a lot of negativity leading to low self-esteem.

In a situation where everything seems like a scattered piece of cake, one can get great benefits by introducing the color yellow. According to Chroma therapy, the color gives you the happiness that takes your mind away from the lethargic world of confusion giving you perspectives to cope with obstacles.

Practically speaking, most of us refrain from the usage of the color, but you don’t need to spot a yellow shirt to derive the color’s benefits. One can paint one side of the wall yellow and balance it out with white for the required energy and peace.

One can introduce fruits like Papaya, Mango etc in your diet. Using the color takes away the sense of powerlessness and you will start to realise the strength of your soul and mind. Bring the color in your life and seek that vitality and energy associated with it.

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