The Three Prisms of Quantum Spirituality: Free Energy, Telepathy and Positive Manifestation

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” ~ Carl Sagan, Cosmos

As we emerge from the chrysalis of earth-bound awareness (also known as the illusion of the caterpillar) and begin our exploration of the blueprint of a new reality – that is when we are creating moment to moment – we begin to put our feelers out into the infinite potential of quantum spirituality.

Though it may sound particularly, (and for some distastefully) sci-fi, the concept is not as out there as it may first seem.

Quantum spirituality is a state believed to wait for us in the not-too-distant future of the human race where the general public will eventually embrace the whole spectrum of their potential as our DNA becomes upgraded and we are finally ready to challenge the limit of our perceptions.

The boundaries of what a human body and mind is capable of is believed to be rapidly stretching and evolving as gamma and delta waves sent from the cosmos plummet the planet into states of intense awakening.

But this rapid progression in both the evolution of the human race and the planet is most of all about taking steady – if not shaky – steps further inwards to unlock the treasure we know is and has forever been waiting there.

It is believed, that as the earth transforms into a fifth dimensional organism, so do we; as she takes us with her, the future is bright and more than a little exciting.

I’m not an all out advocate of this stuff as such, but wouldn’t it be amazing if unlike the all too familiar doomsday end-of-the-world-is-nigh spiel that mass media present to us on a daily basis, our future and present as a human race was about to take a steep turn for the better?

Shouldn’t we at least think that is possible? And, with the many catalysts for positive and progressive change seeping through the cracks in the power structures that are becoming old hat, this dream may be more realistic than ever before.

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.” ~ Albert Einstein

Here are the three prisms you can begin (and have probably already begun) to integrate into your daily experience:

Free Energy

It may appear much like a leap of faith or even an impossibility, but one day the entire planet will be seen as a multitude of free energy points.

This free energy would give us limitless personal and renewable energy and would be accessible to every human on the planet enabling a fair distribution of resources that would transcend currency and activities that cause damage and destruction.

Basically energy that would feed and honour Gaia rather than harm her.

Although this mysterious but very much available energy may appear like something from a legend; a mythology belonging to our known history, it will be discovered, or at least the method of harnessing it will be and this awareness is slowly creeping into the mass consciousness right now.

Free energy also refers to harnessing the resources of consciousness that – as people expand their consciousness beyond the confines of this dualistic plane – are available to all people without discrimination.

This could be seen as the hidden knowledge that many secret societies have kept under lock and key for eons in order to gain power over others; by keeping this knowledge secret they could create pyramid-like social structures and place themselves on the highest echelon.

earth hands

It could also be seen to encompass the frequencies creative, mathematical and scientific geniuses have tapped into. Where these individuals have stood out from the masses in the past, in this future blueprint they will become the norm because everyone will now have access to this knowledge and can learn how to align with it.

In experiencing this alignment, all will experience that this infinite source of information and inspiration is not only limitless, but feeds positively back into the group consciousness whilst still providing diversity within it.

The diversity comes from the natural idiosyncrasies our soul imprint and that particular and completely unique collection of experiences that soul has written into its path.

This is the Akashic records accurately explained; at any given time we are able to access this knowledge and well of experiences (including every thought that has ever been thought) through direct imprinting (see next ‘prism’, telepathy) and by aligning with our higher selves or God aspect.


Our increased ability to read each other’s thoughts welcomes in a revolutionary shift in the way we communicate (apart from the obvious!) as it means we are unable to hide our true intentions any longer.

Hiding our true intentions from each other has evidently been the root cause of most human suffering across the history books and all the way into our present interactions.

Miscommunication between individuals is karmic-ly ironing out as we speak and an increased ability to inwardly know what others are thinking has stepped forward into our immediate awareness.

At first we may only notice this ability is available between our soul group or family, but over the years it will extend to all loved ones, those of a similar imprint (who have had similar experiences to us) and eventually to all no matter how much they differ from us.

Animals and plants may also be included in the mix and an awareness of their consciousness will probably appear much before that of many humans we encounter because their energies are less dense and their intentions purer and less complicated.

This gift begins with a notion or hunch coming from the inner being or core of the person (occurring only when the individual is in alignment with their inner being, god aspect or higher self). It will be a notion that may appear more readily in direct relation to how much meditation and stillness we have submerged ourselves in.

This intention for more authenticity in our lives and general being paves the way for this gift to manifest faster as we are not hiding behind any mask ourselves any more. The more we welcome truth into our lives, the more we will be able to read other’s true intention and even thought forms.

Subconcious Mind Mental TelepathyThe notion will then develop into and begin to form full, clear sentences that resound like a ripple through us and will feel similar to the purest interactions we have ever had. This gift can also show itself at first especially in our dreams.

As we become more lucid in our lives, and in our dreams and vice versa; we may even notice it manifest there before we do in our waking reality. Perhaps you have been reading thoughts for a long time but did not remember it.

Practice this ability by being as pure of intention and as honest as you can; with yourself and others. Exercise compassion for those who judge or dismiss you and encompass the qualities of the feminine and explore that avenue and what it means for yourself to encourage more trust and receptivity into your daily life.

Positive Manifestation

As we further unlock the true spectrum of our abilities and extend the perspective of contrast up into the highest recesses of human potential, we explore our God-aspect. As we do so it becomes increasingly clear that the power to create our reality lies solely in our own hands.

This wholly wonderful realization may however be a shock to the system and take a while to truly sink in. We might work towards understanding that what we once perceived to be a guardian angel; a force that always presented itself as some external entity that either helped or was absent many times over actually IS us; an extension of and one of the many facets if that which we label the self.

In this way ‘the universe’ and all we create is internal, yet we are becoming more adept at both connecting with the correct space or frequency from which we communicate with our divine aspect. We can become increasingly aware of our ability to feel around for the correct frequency we wish to ignite in order to manifest what we desire in our direct experience.

The purer of intention we are and the more connected we are to our higher aspect and therefore the honesty of what we wish to create, the more we help the group consciousness by sending out those ripples of intention which eventually manifest as pure action.

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This also lessens our fear of death as we can recognise that death is another created experience; the implications of this being that we will one day be able to increase our consciousness so much so that death as we know it is no longer required.

But for now, simply searching around for the ‘right’ frequency for us in this moment and closing the gap between that which is unseen or not fully understood and that which IS.

This requires us to accept our reality as it is and to trust ourselves and where we are heading to know that our God aspect calling us in the right direction. In balancing ‘self’ trust, this acceptance of reality as it is now whilst imaginatively co-creating our futures by focusing on what feels right in the now, we also need to sufficiently let go enough to enjoy that experience we have created.

It may sound like a complex balancing act, but in actual fact we intuitively know this experience and have experienced what seems like a surge of power combined with tingling loveliness many, many times. Make ‘do what feels right’ your new mantra and then sit back and watch your life unfold.

So there you have it; the three prisms of quantum spirituality. Whether they sound sci-fi to you or not, these three prisms could just be the foundations of a new earth. We are ready to emerge from the chrysalis and become the butterflies we know we inherently are. We are ready to take flight.

Image source

Meditation Painting

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