5 Reasons Why you Should Live in the Now

“The reality consists only of now the present moment. It has nothing to do with the past and nothing to do with the future. It is so concentrated in this moment that if you can be in this moment, all that you are seeking and searching will be fulfilled. This moment is the door to the divine.” ~ Osho

By now you’ve probably heard the phrase “being in the now”. Although it seems pretty self explanatory and simple to do (because the “now” moment is actually the only moment that we ever can be in, technically), this is something that many of us still struggle with.

Ironically, the fact that we need to be told to be in the one place that there ever is to be in, speaks volumes of our species. But, hey, we’re getting there, right? So if we need to be told to live in the now and that means that most of us are not living in the now moment, then where exactly are we?

In our thoughts about the now, of course. Or, our thoughts about the “now” that happened two years ago, or the “now” that happened two hours ago, or even the “now” that may or may not happen five years from, well, now. For many, an entire life can happen all inside of their head.

Reality as they “think” it is may or may not have anything to do with what is actually happening, and the obsessive analyzing of the now moment takes precedence over actually experiencing the present.

All of us are doing this to one extent or another, and after years and years of living this way, it will require some practice and patience to train our minds to quiet down and our feelings to feel safe enough to come out of hiding.

However, it is a practice that is well worth it. Below are five reasons why you should start living in the now:

“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment, you create a good future by creating a good present.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

1) How you feel now determines how you will feel later

There’s a reason people say, “a negative mind will never attract a positive life.” If we are constantly judging our present moment as “wrong,” “not good enough,” or “terrible”, we begin to only find evidence of these judgments.

By being in the now without judging it as wrong, we begin to see our life unfold synchronistically, and we begin to feel good majority of the times.

2) Miracles begin to emergenowimage4

Life is actually full of magical moments and little “winks” from the universe, but most people are so caught up in their own minds to notice. When we are so involved in our thoughts we often spend the now replaying the past or imagining the future which means the small magical things such as watching the stars, or listening to our children laugh are lost on us.

The truly beautiful moments in life can not be appreciated if we are not mentally present enough to witness it.

“Accept-then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always, work with it instead of against it.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

3) You and life sync up in harmony

Imagine if you lived your entire life trusting that each moment was exactly as it was supposed to be. Now of course the questioning of our circumstances is often what leads us to deeper realizations, but on a grander scale of consciousness we find that a constant effort to “understand” is often something that becomes a futile effort.

As we become more present and in tune with life’s way vs. how we think situations “should” have played out, we intuitively know when life is showing us something that we need to take note of, or when our minds are trying to take us out of the present moment by the incessant chatter it is spewing out.

As one begins to live in the now a majority of the time, they begin to cultivate faith in reality that shows them that they have in fact survived millions of “now” moments up until this point, so this “now” moment should be no different.

4) You save precious time and energy not over-analyzing everythingnowimage2

How often do we exhaust ourselves physically and emotionally by over-analyzing everything? We replay scenes in our imagination of what we think we “should” have said at the time, we analyze our friends or families behavior and worry about them, we worry about what will happen the next day at work.

Let’s face it, over-thinking takes up a lot of our time and energy. However, when we become present we stop letting our imaginations get carried away with worry. Life is always working in our favor even if we have to experience some pain and suffering along the way.

When this truth is accepted, the now moment becomes something that we welcome with open arms, not something we dread days ahead of time. Trust that you are always being put into situations that are furthering your growth and evolution.

5) Being present is attractive and comforting to others

When you meet someone who lives in the now a majority of the time, you can feel it. They listen, not with the intent to reply, but simply listen with their complete attention. This quality can be highly effective in our communication with the people in our lives and also with people we barely know.

Being hurried, rude even is the norm for so many these days, so to break free from that mold and give people your full present attention makes them feel seen and heard. One by one we make the world a better place by being the change we wish to see.

Living in the now is not something that we will be able to do all the time. There are actually times in life where thoughts are needed and required, but actually not as often as you may think. seize_the_day_wallpaper_by_lalolb-d34jzyx

Most things we have learned to do, we do without even thinking about them anymore. Which only proves that we do not need to have conscious control over every little second of our lives. We do not tell our feet to walk, right foot, left foot.

We do not remind ourselves to breathe, or think about how to drive a car each second we are behind the wheel. So, relax a little. Meditate if you need to but whatever you do, don’t “try” to live in the now.

As you become more relaxed as an individual, you will begin to notice that living in the now is actually coming quite natural to you. As time passes, your consciousness level rises, and the ego unravels automatically and our pure presence emerges right into that space.

As a result, living in the now will no longer be something you wish you could do, but rather, something that flows effortlessly.

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