Making Your Darkness “Conscious”

“Darkness has no existence of its own, it is only the absence of light. When the light is present, how can its absence also be there?” ~ Osho

No amount of darkness can survive in a room full of light. However, you can take the light from a single candle and light a room full of darkness. It is this analogy that we can see that light need not be “afraid” of darkness.

darknessimage1All the light needs to do is be present and darkness goes fleeing. But what does all this mean for us?

All it takes is a click on to the nightly news to see that there are people who endure terrible things in this world. Wars are being fought, murders are happening, there are people living in poverty and people getting sick with disease.

It is no wonder that some people become angered and offended when you suggest to them that only love exists, that darkness and evil are not real and technically everything is God.

“How can you say that evil is not real?!” they ask. We live in an infinite Universe. If we think of the Universe like a dimmer switch to turn on the light in a room, we can get a clearer idea of how darkness, is not really its own entity at all. It is simply a measurement of light (or lack thereof).

Think of a dimmer switch that goes on for infinity both ways. The part that you push towards the light just goes on forever and ever getting lighter, and the same goes for the side that you push towards the darkness.

And although our human minds may name something as “evil”, technically no level of darkness can survive completely devoid of the light. And all it takes is the light of awareness to show us that no darkness can exist in the presence of our awareness of it.

At a certain point, one might ask the question, “If God is real and all powerful how does he let such terrible things happen to people?” Which leads us to ponder the question, “why do we even NEED darkness in this world?”

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.” ~ OG Mandino

There is no one on this Earth who has lived a life completely devoid of fear, anger, sadness, etc… To some extent or another we have all had our own personal uphill battles.  darknessimage2

For those who have made it through their challenges to the other side of fear, they will tell you that when one has experienced the “darkness” it makes the light seem that much more amazing.

How can we truly experience gratitude if we have only known pleasant experiences?

While some would love to focus only on the perceived “enemy”, (which may come in any number of forms the government, the elite, the rich, the poor, to name a few) as the source of “evil” and darkness in this world, the only thing that one really does is wastes time focusing on something that we may not have the power to change in the present moment. There is only one person we have the power to change in any given moment and that is ourselves.

In order to bring light to this world we must first make our own unconscious (where darkness resides) conscious (the light of our awareness.) As Carl Jung, put it, “one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

darknessimage3To do this we must become fully aware of what is happening to us internally. Instead of pretending our “dark” spaces don’t exist, by denying them, trying to stuff them down further into our subconscious, or blaming them on other people, we must bring them into the light. We must only be aware of them, observe them without judgment.

If we observe our anger without judging it as “good” or “bad”, observe our fear without trying to run from it, we essentially become the candle in the middle of a dark room. The only thing keeping our shadow aspects alive is the fact that we have become accustomed to denying them. In the light of our awareness they cannot exist.

Our conscious awareness of the darkness inside of our own selves brings about a complete surrender and acceptance of the ‘what is’. Not only that, but we soon learn to love our darkness, because we see that it can teach us too. Without our perceived darkness, we don’t get the pleasure of the human experience.

The full range of emotions is one of the gifts we are able to experience by seeing the world through the viewpoint of a human body and mind. What a travesty it would be if we did not get to experience the pleasure of moving through our perceived pain.

It doesn’t mean we “deny” darkness, or turn our heads and pretend that it does not exist, it only means we experience it fully without judgment. At this point we realize that we are the light.

The more we embody our own conscious presence and light we become the change we wish to see in the world. As we change, the world around us begins to change too. And then we realize the only thing keeping the darkness around was the fact that we believed it existed in the first place.

Image source

Dark sky
Candle light
Darkness and light

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