Living in Awareness: The Art of Perfect Action

“Let whatever is happening happen… laugh, shout, scream, jump, shake-whatever you feel to do, do it!” ~ Osho

To the person living in and from their own awareness, all action is perfect. To some, the concept of perfect action sounds like a lofty goal. The image of a person completely at peace, quiet, humble, never raising their voice, never getting sad or frustrated may come to mind. After all, “perfect” must mean all things good right?

Good mood, good speech, good temperament, good deeds, this all sounds like what it means to take “perfect action”. Well, not exactly. If we replace the word perfect with the words “spontaneous” or “natural”, we see that when we behave in perfect action, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean good (or what our ego has deemed as ‘good’).

Spontaneous action suggests that all action that arises in any given moment is perfect action. For a person operating from their true self or inner awareness, there is no need for the mind to get involved in every single decision.

Without the inner critic aka our ego getting in the way, holding us to a certain code of conduct based on such things as manners, religious beliefs, ‘acceptable’ behavior, or past conditioning, all action that arises is completely natural and therefore perfect.


Which doesn’t necessarily suggest that an aware person never gets angry, sad, annoyed or any other emotion that our ego has deemed ‘bad’ or ‘unacceptable’. It only suggests that all action is completely authentic because it is always arising naturally out of the present moment, with no regard given to what one “should” or “shouldn’t” behave like.

“The minds appeal to the past deprives human beings of the ability to live authentically in the present causing them to repress genuine emotions and to shut themselves off from joyful experiences that arise naturally when embracing the present moment.” ~ Osho

To some a state of being that suggests that you abide by absolutely no rules, regulations, commandments or codes of conduct may seem a little scary.

“Wouldn’t that cause complete havoc and chaos in my life?” One might ask. “What if I go off on my boss and I get fired?” “What if I lose friendships and relationships because I’m just over here saying and doing whatever the hell I want, wouldn’t that be completely detrimental to my life?” When such questions arise, we must also ask, “Who is the ‘I’ or ‘me’ that is worried about such things?

Questions such as these are arising from a fearful place. Anytime we find ourselves coming up with ‘what if’ scenarios we can be sure that we are still operating from the mind. Consciousness doesn’t need to ask such questions because it resides in a place of complete trust and resonance with each present moment as it arises.

Consciousness trusts that whatever action is taken is the right one, therefore one need not worry or stress about what to do, what to say, or what to behave like in future scenarios.

In fact, to pre-plan future behavior goes against everything that consciousness stands for because it promotes inauthentic action. How are we to know what we will say in our conversation with a friend two days from now? How are we to know what we should say to our co-worker later today at work?

If we plan every single conversation we have with people or action we will take in the future down to the very last detail how can we be assured that we are taking the best and most effective actions? We can’t.

We can’t because the fact of the matter is, we have no clue how conversations or situations will go. We may have a general idea, but when we repress spontaneous reactions we may be repressing genuine and sincere emotions and feelings which can never veer us in the wrong direction. Even though it may be a little frightening at first, the more we resonate in our own awareness we will find that we start letting conversations and situations unfold naturally without giving any thought to them at all.

Once we see that this method actually proves to not only be completely effective and authentic but we stop over-thinking. We begin to trust that the process of life unfolds naturally for us through very little effort from our own minds. We begin to trust the present moment as it is presented.

A beautiful thing happens as we leave codes of conduct behind and start letting all of our behavior be completely spontaneous and natural. This way we respond better to situations as they codeimage4are happening because we are creating space between our awareness and our behavior.

This space creates a buffer that allows us to respond more effectively without necessarily reacting in a defensive manner. Even though there are times we may get angry or upset, when one acts from awareness these states are not judged as “wrong” per se.

They just are states that come and pass just as soon as they came. We also find that when we become completely authentic and natural in our speech and behavior, that other people in our lives begin to do the same.

Instead of people getting angry or getting defensive with us, which is what our ego would like for us to think is going to happen, we find that other people are completely refreshed and relieved to deal with someone who says what they mean and means what they say, unapologetically.

Life begins to get extremely simple, uncomplicated and carefree without constant worry about doing or having said the wrong thing. Forget about the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”.

Trust completely in your genuine reactions and emotions. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that your authenticity is not only the easiest path to take but also the most effective.

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Nikki Sapp
Nikki Sapp
After a synchronistic turn of events led her to receive a "oneness blessing" in 2011, Nikki Sapp experienced a huge shift in her awareness and an awakening of her consciousness. Thus started her spiritual journey. As time transpired, it became apparent to her that her talent for writing and communication would be how she could give back to humanity and help others who were also experiencing a spiritual awakening. Guided by love and service, she allows her body to be the vehicle by which the universe speaks to others through her writing.