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Four Ways to Connect With your Guardian Angels

angel_by_packo_mx-d59cvtz Although we may all have had one or two spiritual ‘awakenings’ in our lives; awakenings that opened us up to the Divine in violent and soul-shaking, or quietly beautiful ways, keeping up this connection on a daily basis can be a challenge.

When unique feelings and deep knowings subside and are replaced by the empty shell of ritual and repetition; insisting to our friends and families that this is the way it happens, or simply sticking quite stubbornly to reliving that experience over and over in our heads… our connection to the Divine has seemingly dried up.

Though the intensity of our connection will naturally peak and trough throughout our lives, there are things that we can do to stay closer to the higher love, either by locating it in every moment we remember to – living in a moment to moment meditation – or by connecting specifically to those energies that are always there for you.

Here are four ways to connect with your Guardian Angels

Having always been skeptical about the notion of ‘angels’, I never realized I had been talking to ‘the’, or possibly my own special angels (everyone has them) since I was a child. The energies around us are always there, or at least nearby, and we are constantly being watched over and protected. That said, everything in the universe is based on free will, so they will only intervene or help you if you ask them to (see number four).

hearthandsI suggest not getting hung up on specifics of who these energies are but instead… talk to them. The more you converse with them, through prayer, when you’re in trouble, feel lonely or are just plain confused, the more you will be able to know when they’re nearby.

Perhaps intuition, perhaps a connection to our inner voice, the angels can help lead us to these places within ourselves and knowing that they are looking out for you can be a clincher when it comes to manifesting protection and safety.

If we always feel looked out for, then we always will be. If we trust that we’re being guided and are on a path to make good, then that will aid the overall outcome.

It doesn’t mean things won’t come at us out of nowhere, and that we are living in a bubble, but that the angels are positive and are there for us if we need them. Like a nurturing parent, they can engulf us in love if we only let them.

What invariably blocks this rare but precious connection – one that as children we probably enjoyed all the time until we lost our faith – is staying humble. Remembering that we are not in fact the centre of the universe and that everyone is going through their own battles is part of it, but also that we really know nothing and are incredibly lucky to be swept along on such a mind-blowing ride such as life.

OK so our bodies are probably the best machine ever made and we are all entirely unique yet also plugged in to this intricate and infinite wavelength called the collective consciousness. But are we individually responsible for that? No.

We, or should I say our egos often forget that we are honoured to be here and don’t need to ‘achieve’ anything to prove it. Often the lower the self worth the bigger the ego – or in other words – the grander the defense mechanisms. Our angels or the positive and helpful energies that surround us often have a hard time reaching us because our defenses run so high.

Many people who have had visions of Goddesses or Angels watching over them report that the being had one simple message delivered in a kind but firm voice… ‘Lower’. Bend lower. Be humble. Like the root of the greeting Namaste; Bow to the light within you, as it is in me.

You may have been put off from praying from an early age or perhaps have no idea how to do it outside of meditation, but one thing that meditation really needs if it is to be more than just a relaxation, is prayer. An appeal to the universe, a thought for the day, a goal, or (as let’s face it, we have everything we need and everything is taken care of) a prayer for someone else.

connect-with-your-guardian-angelThe wisest way to be selfish and the surest way to connect to your angels is to pray for someone else.

This is the ultimate self care ritual and, although looking lovingly into the mirror every morning and telling yourself how amazing you are never did anyone any harm, the best loving kindness anyone can practice is prayer for the other.

A well known loving kindness prayer is to visualize a cup overflowing with love (or whatever is going to make your intended feel better), then, one by one, imagine first a loved one drinking from it, then your enemy, then someone supposedly inconsequential to you, like the shopkeeper down the road or the milkman, and finally, yourself. The participants would then continue to pass the cup around until the contents had been emptied and everyone was feeling entirely loved and blissful.

A final way to connect through a daily ritual is to participate in the rising and setting of the sun. Acknowledging and basking in nature, even if only by watching the stars or watching the sun go down for five minutes every night will deepen your connection to the universe and the energies around you.

And finally… ask for help. Asking for help surpasses the free will boundaries that are active everywhere in the universe and invite the angels in. Once you start believing you might find that you are inviting in wonderful changes to your life because, actually, for those who’ve been raised in a non-believing environment, asking for help is usually the last thing we do. It’s incredibly alarming and emotional to realize that we are in fact surrounded by love, and that we can build a home for ourselves there.

There’s no need to be alone, to punish yourself and banish yourself from the higher love that is available to you. Sink back and let yourself be embraced. Though we have mostly forgotten it, we are all innocent. Making friends with and not being so hard on ourselves can open a huge doorway to a daily connection with the Divine.

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