Time, Space and Tennis

Our perception of time is a very slippery thing. I refer to it as a “sticky fluid”. We breeze through some moments and wonder where the time went. At other times, moments drag and each one feels like an eternity. Could this perception of time be influenced by our mental state in those moments?

And if we understand our true nature and how this affects our perception of time, could we use these tools of perception to slow down or speed up time from our perspective consciously? Could we use this ability to support and enhance our experiences in a 3D way, in our everyday lives?

Yes, all of the above is possible! Understanding how our thoughts are influencing us and our perception of the passage of time can teach us a lot about how we have been conditioned to respond to our circumstances and when we are stepping out of our moment.

Let’s look at a simplified explanation of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. As an object increases in velocity, time dilates, or slows down. If we are approaching the speed of light and look back at our point of departure, the hands on a clock will appear as if they have stopped.

Time flows differently for one falling from a skyscraper, then for an observer watching this transpire. An object in motion has two components, speed and direction. This is referred to as velocity. An object’s velocity determines time dilation.

Time and events are individually perceived by one’s relationship to this velocity or vector; different point of observation, different perception of time and the events. We are continually perceiving time based on how open and aware we are of our moments.


I am sure there are many ways to illustrate this point. I am passionate about tennis. I decided to see if I could use my thoughts and focus to observe time dilation from a different, conscious, 3D perspective.

Tennis is a passion for me. When I play. Time flies. But when striving to chase a little yellow ball around a rectangle of white lines, perceiving time as flying by does not enhance my ability to return a lightning fast serve.

In this instance I wish to slow my perception of time and afford myself plenty of time to return the serve in an effective way…. More to come on this.

“As above; so below. As within; so without. As with the universe; so with the soul.” ~ Hermes Trismegistus.

All things in our reality, at all levels follow the same principles. If Einstein’s Theory of Relativity applies to a 3D reality, how do we express and apply this in a 4D context? And how can this help us in our 3D lives?

“A Watched Pot Never Boils”

The old proverb. I start with a pot of water on the stove. I am waiting for the water to boil. What am I thinking in these moments? Often, I am thinking of what we would rather be doing.

I feel I am on hold until the universe, the laws of physics, catch up. We are stepping out of our moment with thoughts and feelings about the past or the future. “I could be doing this or that.”

We are, in essence missing the joy of our moment. How does the Universe, Source or Spirit gently guide us back to “being” whole and full in the moment? By slowing time, our moment, down and allowing us the opportunity to re-engage it!

We have a choice, in every moment, to be present and accept the moment for what it is. When we reflect on the past or project into the future with our thoughts we have left our moment. It seems silly to choose to boil water for whatever reason, and then wish we were doing something else because this isn’t exciting or we are bored.

This is personal time dilation. This is most noticeable when we are engaged in circumstances or actions that we find unpleasant or perceive as mundane or repetitive.

“Time Flies”

We live in a matrix designed for duality. Everything is a coin with two sides. If we address time dilation, we must also address those moments when time flies. Those moments when we are so immersed in our moment and so engaged in our passion that time doesn’t seem to exist.

We look at the clock and three hours have passed. In these moments, we are embracing our experience. The same factors are in motion. Our thoughts are FOCUSED on our passion.

Why doesn’t time dilate in these experiences? Simply put, we are enjoying what we are doing. We are not outside our moment reflecting on past or projecting into the future. We are fully immersed. In these moments, I believe we can transcend time, maybe even stepping out of it.

Lets see how this works with Einstein’s Theory of Time Dilation. We know that three things must be present to experience time dilation. One is speed. Two is direction. Speed combined with a direction is velocity. And, three, a source for that speed and direction, (the observer, i.e. a space ship driver or other high-speed vehicle).

How does this apply to our perception of time? Einstein’s Theory uses physical matter to illustrate the nature of time. So, how do we see this same dynamic, but from a 4D perspective?

All of the properties of the ocean are contained in one drop. So we inhabit a universe within a multiverse; our universe a drop of the multiverse. We are One with all that is. We are the drop in the ocean from the spiritual perspective.

We are a drop of Source. We refer to our macro world as the multiverse. I refer to the inner essence of all that is as the Mini-verse, (The macro versus the micro). If the laws of physics govern our external world, they also guide our internal world and structure.

Thought Propels

We are the observer of our thoughts. These thoughts travel at the speed of light, if not faster. The physical brain must slow everything down in order to form thoughts into language. We slow this process by focusing on one aspect of our thoughts.

We can, in 4D, move with thought at the speed of light and be anywhere in the multiverse. We can deja vu, and instantly synchronize our thoughts with a parallel timeline and experience the same moment in two realities!

Thought is the speed in our 4D model of Einstein’s Theory. It is our propulsion. And our thoughts even when slowed to accommodate the physical brain, still propel us forward at incredible speeds on the energetic and soul levels.

Focus is Direction

Thought is a constant stream without direction. Thoughts come and go, many unacknowledged, until we choose to focus on one. And this focus is what determines the direction of our thoughts. Focus would then be the direction in Einstein’s Theory.

We now have the two components that match the 3D properties of velocity, but at a different level. We have a velocity to measure as the observer.

The Observer

Science is starting to understand and acknowledge the complexity of perception. The observer effects the outcome of an experiment simply by observing it. We are the observers and catalysts, (velocity and observer) for our experience.

How we choose to observe and define our experiences will dictate how we perceive time. If one is not holding the moment, by disowning it, time will dilate. If we are embracing the moment, we are in the moment and time flies.

The same variables and same aspects are present. The only difference is the individual’s approach to the moment as the observer and what thoughts the individual is using to direct that moment.

Conscious Time Dilation

Back to tennis and how I am learning to use these insights to improve my tennis game. I am almost 60. I started playing the game at 49. My reflexes aren’t what they used to be. So how do I slow the moment to give myself additional to react to a one hundred MPH serve?

I slow the moment with focus. I make a conscious effort to watch the ball from the server’s toss forward. I don’t wait to perceive the ball as it crosses the net. I focus on the ball leaving the opponents racket. By the time the ball crosses the net I have already adjusted my racket and stance to meet the backhand or forehand.

I have a sense of depth of the serve and velocity. I know by the time the ball crosses the net whether it is in or not. And I have time to plan an effective return. I have, in essence, slowed or dilated time.

A note here: One might argue, “Are you slowing time or speeding up your perceptions of it?” And I would respond with, “Does it really matter?” Either fits Einstein’s Theory. And, “What came first the chicken or the egg?”

And my service return and tennis have improved exponentially. I have illustrated one way to explore our thoughts and our relationship to time and our moments in it.

I am sure many of you can run with this and there are 8 billion beautiful and unique mindsets and soul expressions out there. If you choose to explore this aspect of perspectives, I’d love to hear how you have used these insights to promote your goals in the 3D matrix.

Please share, it really helps! :) <3

Leslie Jo Thornton Cheshire
Leslie Jo Thornton Cheshire
I am a psychic and intuitive energy healer and educator. I choose no external source and instead I follow a deep and abiding inner guidance. I know we all have an internal structure and we are wired to grow in experience. I first connected with Source at the age of seven. Having attended a few Sunday school classes on Okinawa. There were no churches to attend. And my parents held no religious beliefs. As a child, it occurred to me that Source wasn't something outside of myself. I have been told from the beginning, “You are the last one.” “You are the last one, and when you get it... it is done.” I didn't understand this for many years. And developed a view of experience in all it's diversity. I now understand that this is to be my last lifetime. And a summary of sorts. The entire spectrum of human emotion. I have lived and walked many paths. All of them with a perspective of how fleeting emotion is and how immutable our core essence is. How we allow our emotional worlds to change and warp our journey here. And have found avenues to recognizing and understanding the emotional body as it reflects in the physical form and manifestation in our 3D matrix.
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