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Working Towards Group Consciousness: Why Empathy is Essential to Oneness

“The true miracle lies in our eagerness to allow, appreciate, and honor the uniqueness, and freedom of each sentient being to sing the song of their heart.” ~ Amit Ray

Some spiritual teachers like Teal Swan talk about ‘secondary enlightenment’; the need for a second enlightenment where we remind ourselves that we are all interconnected therefore cannot truly become enlightened without others becoming enlightened too.

Teal explains how you can easily experience a degree of enlightenment yet exist in a narcissistic bubble where you have made the law of attraction work for you, for example, but purposefully cut yourself off from others to avoid being pulled down by their lower frequencies.

So, according to Teal, we are unable to fully achieve enlightenment without bringing our fellow woman and man with us. Some regressive therapy sessions taken with Dolores Cannon in a variety of her books also bring up the question of group consciousness; where a community of animals or insects such as ants actually think ‘as one’.

They’re plugged in to their own private intranet as well as more willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the whole. Many sources also say that humanity is heading this way and it is the inevitable step forward in the evolutionary process.

When it comes to empathy and an actual experience of the overwhelming sensations of another person’s energetic field; their fears, their potential, their emotional history, their projections on you etc, you are able to experience first hand the implications of this group consciousness.

As more people connect with the notion of being an empath or begin to scratch under the surface a little more and ask themselves – why do I feel like that when I speak to that particular person? And ‘why do I keep attracting this type of person?’ – the more our collective awareness of this phenomenon increases.

So in this way yes, in Ram Dass’ words it’s true that we are all walking each other home and this spiral of increased awareness directly relates to a new consciousness.

For those who dislike seeing us ever working towards anything and would rather enjoy the now (after all, the concept of evolution is, in a way, dualistic and anyone who has had the experience of halting the monkey mind during meditation will know that time disappears when you suspend all notions of then and to come), group consciousness also works on the non-dualistic level.

By dissolving the ego during meditation we are able to see that it never existed anyway (because now is all there is and we’ve just dissolved it), therefore we have just experienced the full expression of group consciousness by returning ourselves to the flow of higher love.

So why are animals, who are seen as existing constantly in this stream of higher love as depicted by the various realms of Tibetan Buddhism, why are they seen as having a lower consciousness to humans?

Perhaps it is the common agreement amongst Buddhists and regressive hypnotherapists that life is one big experiment and humans, being the realm you can experience the most contrast, is therefore the most sought after. The bliss is only blissful when you’ve known intense suffering of the mind. A ‘joy’ animals don’t have.

So as we awaken from the sufferings of the mind we need to help each other. There’s no getting away from it. And isn’t that the joy of the journey? Becoming plugged back into the whole and this constant flow of higher love but doing it gradually and giving each other little nudges this way and that as we discover ourselves more fully.

We can never truly cut ourselves off from others as their ‘lower frequencies’ are our inner guidance system showing us that those lower frequencies still exist within us and need to be transmuted. We can practice empathy with the intention of moving towards Oneness every day.

By using our increased awareness of other people’s timelines, fears, true potential etc, by using that increased perception we have where we can pierce the veil of contrast and see beyond the division we can become a beacon of light.

This involves both becoming a role model or wayshower in that we live our own dreams and embody the path of someone unconcerned by other’s projections on them AND by treating others with compassion as we encounter their denser energies. By deflecting those denser energies and projections we bring light to their attempts to pull us down. This, in turn shines a light on how the human race uses power over others to gain strength.

After ‘deflecting’ the density we then offer an alternative. How about instead of needing to bring others down to pull yourself up you empower yourself? What if there was a never ending wellspring of everything you could ever need inside of you? And we come full circle back to the act of being a role model.

It really doesn’t take much. Whenever we remember that people are fighting to feel good we find our common ground and help the collective. Without getting lost in their darkness and forgetting it’s not your own (see how to block abusive relationships and narcissists), without taking it personally and letting their words or actions lower your self esteem, without getting caught up in social phobias or becoming a hermit, let yourself become the mirror. It’s OK to be vulnerable and not have it all worked out yet. After all, we’re in this together.

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Zen Circle
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