Learning to Bend and Hack the Matrix

“Suddenly, the world I had scrutinised for so long was all around me, as if I had leaned forward and climbed into the television like Alice through the looking-glass. I had no idea just how deep the rabbit hole would go.” ~  Simon Pegg, Nerd Do Well

One of the many insights I’ve had throughout my life is that we’re living in a computer programme. This has been through a series of dreams that I vividly remember where I went from flying down rainbows and over mountains to gradually getting dragged back down to earth around the age of four or five.

I then went through a series of labyrinth-like dreams when I was seven where I would open doors to rooms and attempt to ‘complete’ the task of the room, which was always next to impossible before I could carry on. This may sound like a reflection of the nineties TV shows I might have been watching at the time, but they always seemed very significant… not to mention devastating.

The moments in my life where I have achieved higher states of consciousness compliment this idea. After meditating for weeks at a time in a communal setting – or in neutral places where the matrix is less influential such as retreats and mountain tops – I have ‘exited’ the matrix by turning the tables on and questioning those very thoughts that most would call the ego.

What if the ego was not a result of our fear-based experiences when we were children (or at least, not exclusively a result) but a culmination of all the inserted beliefs we have been fed – knowingly or unknowingly to us throughout our lives?

Say we have a distressing experience as a child and the adults around us were kind to us and we didn’t consume any media. There would still be ‘hooks’ or memes floating around in the air around us that we could either chose to consume, or not.

Of course the purer our environment and the more we are protected from this programme of modern life, the less likely it was that we would be sucked into the programme.

The idea of reality as we continue to play with it can be a catalyst for spiritual ascension. If we agree with ourselves that every time we invest in time or the thoughts that are parading through our minds and allow ourselves to become ‘hooked’ into a wormhole of consciousness (or a dead end) that we are being fed on in some way, then we automatically trigger a rebellion against this cycle.

This can lead to the ascension of and from thought, and if you try it for yourself; if you experience this rebellion – which let’s face it is what we do in meditation – then we can begin to break free of the matrix.

Say you come across a thought while chopping vegetables as you make your dinner. Having becoming adept at observing those thoughts, you become aware that there are kind, encouraging ones (possibly inserted by positive caregivers), there are critical self effacing ones that may be a result of experiences that induced a strong emotional reaction, and there may also be bizarre and disturbing ones that seemingly come out of and from nowhere.

The latter are the ones you want to start with. By taking control over the traffic that runs through your mind and each time you get a thought that definitely doesn’t belong there, pulling your ‘lens’ out and shining your spotlight on it for all its ridiculousness, you will see that it is not part of YOU, and the thought will scarper.

This sort of thought or hook is specifically designed to be associated with by the being it is attempting to host. And the more you associate with these negative parasites, the more you lower your frequency and become vulnerable to bigger parasites that will literally try to suck you dry.

This is why people who experience emotional abuse can slip into coma-like states and suffer from ME and other illnesses where they are alive, but only just about. This is also why you have to be vigilant about what you ‘consume’; food, air, media, entertainment, friends, words, thoughts… in order to not get sucked in deeper to the programme.

Places are also significant in that they have a specific programme independent of the people in them. In fact, because of the strength of the spatial programme, the people that reside there actually BECOME the programme. This is especially true of cities but can apply to any place.

This is why when you travel, you become more aware of the matrix… and guess what, that makes you a threat! If you start paying attention (with an attitude of love and humour so you don’t go mad) you will notice that absolutely everything about our modern world is designed to keep you in the matrix.

Playing out the rest of your programme is one significant part of rebelling against the matrix and can also be a way to transcend your own personal ‘ego’ they have designed for you.

There will be parts of the programme that you will need to continue to play out until you reach their conclusion or become energetically free of them. This includes the upper levels of the third dimensional matrix of the desire to be famous or rich.

If you consider that the matrix is there to trap us, but that it can also be utilized to help us break free. Like Neo bending the matrix to dodge bullets or download a programme into his consciousness in order to learn martial arts, we can look at the threads we are playing out and use them to our advantage.

This is also why spiritual teachers tell us to just enjoy what we are experiencing and gives new meaning to the Buddhist teaching that there is suffering. You must accept your hooks before you can pull them out.

So if you desire something in the matrix then go directly into that energy and allow it to peak. Do what scares you (those doubting thoughts may have been inserted there to stop you from realizing the root of them, because the programme knows that the moment you do, you will exit and hack it).

So get so rich you don’t know what to do with the money, or get a gorgeous model girlfriend and experience that energy. As soon as you do, you will probably understand that it doesn’t make you feel good and is simply an illusion.

Being present and aligned with your authentic self is the way to hack the matrix, because then we are taking control of the full extent of our power and telling any mind control techniques that are being thrown at us that this is our turf and our property.

The more self sufficient and empowered we are, the harder those mind control techniques become; pelting us with hooks, some invisible so that we might be tricked into following them and getting lost in a dead end. We must stay vigilant against these mirages and rejoice when we hack them.

When we break free of one then we are one step closer to personal integrity and the enjoyment of 100% of our energetic fields and become like children before we got sucked down the rabbit hole. I realize I’m reversing this metaphor. Surely the sunlit field is where we want to reside?

The thing to recognize is that we have free will. We have the choice whether to live at our full potential or let some entity we have little awareness of get fat on our human brilliance. What will you decide to do?

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The Matrix

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Lauren Simpson-Green, who has had quite a few life-affirming spiritual experiences already, now passes her days trying to master one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual experiences of all; being a mother to two children. Based in Devon, UK, she spends the rest of her time working on a children's book, practising yoga and making wool fairies and gnomes for her daughter's school fayres.


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