3 Common Ascension Symptoms and their Meanings

“What you seek is seeking you.” ~ Rumi

Ascension is not as glamorous as it may sound. In fact, it can be painful. Very painful, for a while at least. As our DNA upgrades and our bodies, etheric bodies and timelines simultaneously shift into higher frequencies, it can feel akin to going through a liquidizer. And there has to be side effects. But what are these and how do they manifest themselves?

Some theorize that ringing in ears is a sign of ascending, as is mental sluggishness. When one looks in to the subject, one’s head begins to swim. There are so many ascension symptoms that it’s difficult to discern between real ailments and fleeting ones. So first, let’s take a look at what is really going on.

One theory states that the moment we make the conscious or subconscious decision that we will reach enlightenment in this lifetime (or that this is the point of life on this earthly plane), that the energetic parasites hone in.

These parasites do their absolute best to tap in to our low self worth and inject negative memories and the desire to consume in order to keep us from the truth, because as soon as we discover the truth – that it is possible to have heaven on earth – that we will transcend their cycle of energy siphoning and finally be free.

Whatever the truth may be, what we know for sure is that the more we turn inwards, the more the outside world can be increasingly challenging to live in.

If we look at it from the 3D/5D perspective, existing comfortably in the 3D world; owning material possessions, working in a job you hate for someone with questionable morals and living to engage in highly addictive activities such as binge drinking, internet shopping and owning more cars than you know what to do with certainly loses its sting.

Ask yourself; is the ringing in our ears a call to turn in? Or is it a passing loved ones who long ago stepped over into the non-physical universe who is wishing us well? Or perhaps it’s one of our spirit guides giving us advice, advice which would be better received if only we invested a little more time in raising our frequencies?

The answers may only become clear after physical death, but one thing we know for sure, we are on this path and there’s no turning back.

There are many, many symptoms you may experience. Here are 3 common ones:


Fatigue, sometimes in the form of chronic fatigue is one of the most misunderstood ailments. Even in the holistic field, fatigue is seen as a nutritional problem, and one that must only – and can only – be fixed with food.

Fatigue could be a sign that you have an energy parasite, but it could also be that you’re processing so much on so many levels. Fatigue is an ascension symptom that often follows on from an abusive relationship where we have become exposed to negative vampirism; where energy is taken against our will in order to allow us to become more sensitive to energy transactions and the model of collective energy, but also to teach us boundaries in order to compliment our capacity for compassion.

Fatigue in a general sense is us cleansing and resolving karma at a rapid pace. It also indicates the dark night of the soul; a stage which gives us the final big-whammy, a dish of such a contrast that we sit up and take note, before ascending all the way out of the third dimension to merge with the non-physical perspective of bliss.

The inability to communicate

Where once you were eloquent with a talent for repartee, now you stutter, shake and say nonsensical things. People frown and move away from you. They even visibly switch off and look at you as if you were an alien who had just materialized in their chips and dips before hurrying away. Whatever the reaction, it hurts.

Modern psychoanalysis would conclude that this is a symptom of social anxiety and that you need to delve deep into your past in order to identify the roots of it… or you could just get over it and force yourself to be ‘an extrovert‘. The ultimate card to pull when needing to function in our drug-fuelled society.

Spiritually speaking, some theorize that this may be an energetic parasite that has attached itself over your throat chakra to stop you from speaking the truth. Others would say that this is a means of pushing you more forcefully into your divine life purpose; either you are experiencing how it feels to be stripped of your truth in order to intensify it, or you are meant to communicate through other means, such as working with children, becoming a spiritual counsellor, or writing your experiences down.

Headaches, lack of appetite and sleeplessness

Three main signs that your DNA is upgrading are migraines, loss of appetite and that you begin to suffer from sleepless nights. These can be particularly significant, especially if you don’t usually experience them. Again, please consult a professional if any of these persist!

Sleeplessness; particularly waking between 2-5 pm are believed to be symptoms of awakening, as is a lack of appetite.

The foods we desire may change and we may find ourselves naturally veering away from fatty junk foods or those with a high sugar content. Instead, we may crave cleansing foods that flush out our systems as well as less food in general.

The important thing is to stay hydrated and try to avoid coffee and sugary drinks. The whole point of the current stages of collective ascension is clearing and moving into higher frequencies, so we need to give ourselves the emotional and physical space to process everything that is going on.

Headaches are linked to ascension because they’re not only a sign we need to drink more water but are also a sign we are over thinking things, which can be a trap of the false light matrix. Patterns of thought may be on overdrive and we may replay the past allowing it to collect in the back of our heads which can lead to migraines.

Let yourself off the hook, slow down and ground yourself, directing energy into the lower chakras. Sitting on the earth for ten minutes a day or actively grounding in meditation or whilst working outside will aid in this process.

Do you find yourself experiencing any of these? Are you becoming increasingly introspective and slowing down? Are you shedding relationships, bad habits and self destructive lifestyle addictions at an alarming rate? Then you might just be on the path of ascension.

PLEASE NOTE*** This is not medical advice – please consult an expert if symptoms persist.

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Lauren Simpson-Green, who has had quite a few life-affirming spiritual experiences already, now passes her days trying to master one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual experiences of all; being a mother to two children. Based in Devon, UK, she spends the rest of her time working on a children's book, practising yoga and making wool fairies and gnomes for her daughter's school fayres.


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