Embracing All the Moon Cycle Phases: Rituals to Connect with Our Inner Alchemy

“Our cycles ensure that we do not live static lives. Instead they demand that we live dynamically, constantly exploring the different gifts of feminine power that each portion of our cycle holds. Part of learning the art of being a woman is learning to honour each element of our cycles and ourselves.”
~ Lucy H. Pearce

Moon Time: harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle

Women are connected to the cycles of the Earth and the Moon (as explained in the Archetypal Phases of Women and how it aligns with the moon cycles, reading this link will help you understand the current article better). A woman’s body represents Nature in a human form: she experiences spring, summer, autumn and winter every month in her womb.

We have forgotten how to align our inner nature to the Great Cosmic Mother, Pachamama or Gaia and this alienation has had a deep impact on our physical, mental and emotional health. This is why it is so important for us, both men and women, to connect to our inner power to negate this negative effect.

Here are some rituals and exercises to connect to your inner alchemy and make the most of your cycle to align with your true nature.

Maiden’s Phase

This corresponds to our inner Spring, the week after our menstruation. It symbolizes new beginnings and being more social, sharing and playing with renewed energies.

This is the perfect phase to start new projects! During this phase you feel quite focused, you can have a good amount of mental work, and you are quite efficient in ‘lineal’ and logical thinking.

During this time, I would recommend you to write the schedule for the month, to start those activities that you are looking for, and to plan the budget or your business or whatever you need to do that requires you to focus.

A beautiful ritual would be for example to write down all those plans and wishes for the month and light a candle with the intention of fulfilling all those activities.

Another idea would be to literally plant all those ideas and intentions. You can write them down, cut the paper into pieces and put them in the ground with some water.

Mother’s Phase

This time corresponds to our inner Summer, a time to nourish ourselves while enjoying the radiance of the ovulation week. During this phase, a lot of motherly qualities come to the surface – you tend to focus more on others and want to nurture them.

You can use this loving energy that flows so naturally to put it into creating something beautiful – to manifest your wishes and to nourish your own plans. This is also the week of creation, as it is the time when a woman can get pregnant!

If you are not planning to have a baby, use this potential to care and feed your personal projects that you started last week in the maiden phase. In this period you will feel calmer and see things with patience, you can also review the list, and see how you feel about it.

During this phase a creative ritual is very powerful, like for example make an altar in Nature with flowers and seeds, focus on your projects and wishes to be fulfilled. You can also connect with the water element here (connected to the water of the womb) and take a bath with flowers, this has a very loving energy.

Enchantress Phase

This is the phase of your inner Autumn – a time to start going more inwards to review your progress of the month. Select your priorities, you can decide to cancel, postpone or let go some plans and things that you feel are not really helpful at the moment, or is taking too much of your energy.

During this phase your focus is not great, but you become highly intuitive; which makes it a good time to decide using your heart what you really want to do, and trust in the process. Maybe you were too active or optimistic during the first week, and you realized you are lacking time and energy to do everything, then this is the week to recalibrate.

A powerful ritual during this time would be, for example, to write down the things, ideas that you want to discontinue or even write down the names of people that you feel are not serving you in your life anymore, and you want to say goodbye to them, and throw the paper in the fire.

We bid goodbye to things and people with love and appreciation, there is nothing wrong in letting go what is not aligned with your soul anymore.

Witch/Shaman Phase:

This is the week of menstruation, your inner Winter, a time to rest and sleep as long as you need to. You are also at a peak of your intuition, dreams and inner vision! This is definitely not the time to stay focused or to work hard.

Do you know that women used to gather together during this time in ancient tribes in order to enhance their capability to have visions and predict events? They would guide their tribe and warn men about possible attacks from foreigners. Probably you have experienced this before with some female friends or your sister that when you spend long time together, your period starts to synchronize.

During this week, the best you can do is just to flow with what your body is asking you to do. One of the best rituals would be to spend as much time in Nature as you can, even go for a couple of nights camping outside and feel the connection with the environment.

If you have a drum or other instrument that you can carry with you, it would be great to explore the vibration medicine, chant mantras or meditate.

This is the time you just let go completely of what you released last week and prepare for a new phase. Empty your body, heart and mind from what doesn’t serve you anymore in your life, and look forward to the future of a new reality next week.

Aligning yourselves with your womb cycle is the most powerful thing that you can do as a woman. The more you practice this, the more ideas you will have and the more intuitive you will become. You will be surprised of how your working life begins to manifest better and with ease. Flow freely with your creativity and enjoy the process!

Image Sources:

Art by Leah Marie Dorion

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