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Monday, February 18, 2019



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Sexual Intimacy and Its Connection with Aural Energy

“If everything goes well & sex is natural & flowing, it is a beautiful experience because you can have a glimpse of the second...

Purifying Your Space of Negative Energy

“Positive or negative energy is exchanged like a fair trade, the more you give, the more you receive.” ~ Master Jin Kwon Every space holds...

Purifying the Body Using Ayurvedic Wisdom

Ayurveda includes answers to almost all ailments and professes a deep love for a clean body and a tranquil mind. Indian Upanishads and Vedas...

Channeling the Dark Side: The Secret to Getting into The Zone

“Bottom line: if you want success of any kind, you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable.” ~ Tim S. Grover Everyone has a dark side. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. Or they’ve repressed their shadow. Or both.As far as discovering that part of you that’s superior, that’s...

Overcoming God: The Struggle Between Mortality and Immortality

“You are more than your thoughts, your body or your feelings. You are a swirling vortex of limitless potential who is here to shake things up and create something new that the universe has never seen.” ~ Dr. Richard BartlettWhat does it mean to create something new that the...

Shadow of the Overman: The Power of the Underman Archetype

“It is not society that is to guide and save the creative hero, but precisely the reverse. And so every one of us shares the supreme ordeal––carries the cross of the redeemer––not in the bright moments of his tribe’s great victories, but in the silences of his personal despair.”...

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