8 Signs You Have Found Your Twin Flame

Whether you believe in twin flame or not, at some point on your spiritual path you will probably come up against this concept or desire to have a conscious relationship with someone. Some believe that twin flames are the separation of one soul into the masculine and feminine elements (whether they manifest into that exact physical form or not).

The reunion of them or first physical meeting on the 3rd dimensional plane is believed to be the catalyst for your spiritual awakening, waking up the kundalini energy that lies dormant at the base of your spine.

A law of attraction point of view states that by the laws of the universe as soon as you ‘come into alignment’ with yourself and relax into the vibration of contentment and self love a soul mate will appear to you.

In this way all humans on this planet are potential soul mates, but in order to enter into a relationship with them you need to be in the right state of alignment at precisely the same time and at the precise moment you meet or first notice each other.

The fact that this is a one-in-a-million type occurrence means the unlikelihood of this happening could be translated by the perceiving mind or individual universe that they are your twin flame.


Theory aside, there are certain checklists certain spiritual communities have become fond of creating that are helpful to those wishing to transition from ego-based relationships, where a power struggle exists, into more conscious and loving ones. There is also much speculation about the various categories of relationships and the differences between soul mates and twin flames.

Soul mates are believed to be people who help us grow and those we have a deep connection with, whereas twin flames are intense and often explosive relationships that help us transcend all ego and eradicate selfishness from our lives. Infinite Waters has some interesting things to say on the subject:

How to Recognize Your Twin Flame (10  Secret Signs)

Here are 8 signs you have encountered your twin flame:

You experience an unusual initial connection.

The initial connection can be likened to love at first sight or an irritating attraction to them that is completely inexplicable and bizarre. They often appear in the last place you’d expect and in problematic circumstances. There will often be something that stands between you or the match will be frowned on by society, defying conventions.

This initial connection will probably not solely be about physical attraction or even much verbal communication but, much like the signs you have met someone from your past life you will feel like you’ve ‘come home’ or that you completely understand this person without needing to have a proper conversation with them.

You have a telepathic and empathetic connection

The connection extends from there. You may get insights and affirmations while you are apart that clearly don’t belong to you at that moment in time or an emotion that feels separate from you but is deeply felt by you all the same.

Tuning into these sensations may reveal that you are sensing that other person’s frequency, emotional states or thoughts. Telepathy will be apparent especially when you’re together, and you may feel like you are having two conversations with them simultaneously.

You communicate with their higher self

This telepathic connection may mean you are actually having a conversation with their higher self and if that person doesn’t have a strong connection with their higher self then it can seem like reality and this dream relationship are operating in parallel universes.

If you regularly see vivid visions of your potential as a couple and what you could achieve together then that is you communicating with their higher self. If their physical manifestation has quite a different viewpoint or seems like they are light years away from their potential then it’s probably an indication you need to let go and trust. They will find you when they’re ready.

They trigger you

Following on from the initial meeting, something is triggered in you, and you become alive where before you felt dead inside. Or perhaps you become unstuck from a life pattern that had you stuck in a rut for many years.

You feel reawakened spiritually and creatively and experience an influx of insights about your life purpose and direction. You may feel like your intention and focus gain a wonderful clarity, and you are able to manifest things much more rapidly than before.

They do not trigger you in an abusive sense and these sorts of relationship patterns should be a clear fire sign to you that something is wrong. Abusive patterns are signs that you are moving away from yourself negatively whereas a twin flame will trigger you in positive ways.

They may encourage you to follow your life purpose in ways which don’t always appear like the best route (usually in being separated from them for long periods of time), but remember they are your soul manifest in someone else and therefore any actions they make are still loving and have your best interests at heart.

They are your opposite

They will be the missing piece of the puzzle in that they provide answers or the opposite energy to life problems and ongoing areas of conflict for you. They are your mirror and will act as such, often aggravating us and putting a spotlight on your flaws.

Their energetic imprint will compliment yours and, although it will be like looking in a mirror energetically speaking, there will be differences that will help you to work on your shadows. Often one will be more intuitive and the other more rational; the former being more openly advanced on their spiritual path and there to awaken the latter to certain high-vibrations and truths.

The more rational or logical one could help the more intuitive of the two to improve on their physical manifestations and get ahead on the physical plane. In this way they aid the other and balance them out.

You are experiencing separation from them.

Separation from your twin flame may mean they are in a relationship or even married to someone else. Or it could mean that the relationship is unable to go ahead for whatever reason at that time due to you both needing to work more on yourselves. Self-love is needed first, and you may find that after the initial meeting you will be separated for a long time.

The empathic and telepathic connection will still remain however, and separation is telling you that you need to love and become better acquainted with yourself before you can experience reunion. The separation may be required for you to complete any projects that need to be done alone, for example.

You experience unconditional love for them

The lessons learnt with a twin flame are profound and will actually shift the soul into higher frequencies and even dimensions. In this way you must often accept you cannot be with them at all and the ego must be put aside and unconditional love expressed for them.

For example if they are married and don’t want to break up their marriage. The experience of meeting your twin flame isn’t always easy, but encourages you to trust yourself and your higher self in what they are attracting.

Unconditional love breaks the negative patterns of conditional love learnt from childhood or past life experiences and may be your higher purpose. Different to compassion, unconditional love could be what your soul desires to learn in order to advance.

The union is bliss

If union can occur, it will be utter bliss. Any physical connection will be released from the heart and will actually be contributing to the global awakening and healing of Gaia or our collective wounds.

Your presence together will actually lift other’s spirits and without having to speak about your spiritual beliefs you will raise their frequencies. Much like a frequency lightworker, together you will achieve this unique empathic gift and your presence will be beautiful.

The union may also include the realization of dreams such as starting an intentional community, charity or cause that helps humanity on a global scale. This will be the calling you’ve had hunches about your entire life.

Do you recognise any of these signs? Try not to get too attached to this or any list and recognise when your ego is applying these signs to your current interest. Remember that, even if you believe you might have met your twin flame, keep an open mind and trust that your higher self will sort everything out for you and reveal all in good time.

Signs you have found your twin flame

Twin Spirit, Twin Soul Recognition Signs

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Unawakened Twins

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Lauren Simpson-Green, who has had quite a few life-affirming spiritual experiences already, now passes her days trying to master one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual experiences of all; being a mother to two children. Based in Devon, UK, she spends the rest of her time working on a children's book, practising yoga and making wool fairies and gnomes for her daughter's school fayres.
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