The Impact of Negative Entities on Our Aura & Getting Rid of Them

We often hear people saying “I am feeling low”, “I feel some kind of negativity”, “this place is negative”, “I heard someone”, “I saw something” so on and so forth. All these thoughts, words, feelings and emotions point towards a negative presence or a negative entity.

William J. Baldwin in his book, Healing Lost Souls: Releasing Unwanted Spirits from Your Energy Body, said, “Spirit possession or control by non-physical entity goes against our most basic human and spiritual rights. It is a possibility both terrifying and preposterous.”


Psychic intervention, spirit intrusions, negative vibrations, disruptions etc., these things impact our lives physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These entities are spirit beings without a physical body, but are stuck in the middle world (Earth). They are looking for material gratification, which is impossible without a material body and therefore penetrate into people’s aura, which resonate with their frequency.

From my experience, once in a personal session with a therapist, I was exposed to the presence of 17 entities in my aura field, who were feeding like parasites on my vital force, positive thoughts, giving me tail bone ache and promoting negativity in my life.

I was even confronted with the fact that a few close relatives had sent these entities to harm me and distract me from my life path. I was short of breath for many years, causing me discomfort while sleeping and inability to focus on any specific task at all.

The therapist carefully guided me to visit these entities and ask them their purpose, who sent them, and whether they were willing to go back to the light or not. Some did not even know they were dead, but gradually in a few sessions she cast all of them away. But much to my surprise, new entities kept attaching themselves to my aura field.

On finding out, we came to know that I had openings in my chakras or portals that act like vacuums, sucking other people’s negative emotions and energy, this acted like a passage for the entities to come and stay.

We closed the portal, and since then I am not experiencing any invasions, but still I visit the therapist time to time for regular cleansing, as the possibility of them entering cannot be nullified.

Can we have negative entities in our aura?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Almost all of us have some sort of negative entity existing in our auras. The number or size may vary but at a time one can hold many souls in their space, weakening the original soul inhabitant. The modern lifestyle leads to stress, anger, depression and lack of time for spiritual work.
So, unless we spare ample amount of time, energy and thought on our spiritual upliftment, we are bound to be invaded by these spirit intrusions from time to time or forever. For those who feel completely at peace with themselves & are on the right track, even they can have negative entities in their space, but they might be dormant or less active than that of others.

How do we draw these negative entities?

“These entities can become enmeshed in the aura, the energy field around the body.. The emotional or physical trauma endured by a person can render the energy centers vulnerable. They are open like doors to allow entry and attachment by entity,” said Dr. William J. Baldwin.

There are multiple ways they can enter a person’s aura and stay there for years or for a whole lifetime.

Sent by others:

Black magic and sorcery exist in every culture and proofs of the same exist widely. Sometimes, people who are unhappy/jealous with others can send these negative entities to bring misery to the victim. They will try to invade your space, time and again and stay with you, until it is cleansed.

Sexual contact:

The significance of sexual intimacy has been emphasized upon. The energy debris of other people’s aura can be left in the aura of another person with ease as the root chakras are connected, allowing a free flow of energy from one person to another. The entities have a free way into the body as the aura is open, making them susceptible to such invasions.

Drugs & alcohol:

Our consciousness has a lot to do with our ability to protect ourselves. Under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we lower our guards and our aura is exposed to the chances of being invaded.

It is also said that both drugs and alcohol create holes in our aura. Holes in our aura can be created during surgeries, unconsciousness or trauma. When our aura is not whole, its ability to fight the negativity drastically reduces.

negative entitiesMajor loss:

Soul loss has been spoken of earlier as well, where a person suffers from major loss in their life and a part of their soul in entrapped in the specific situation. With such a prolonged period of suffering, long bouts of anger and extended periods of stress, all of this can create holes in the aura leading to easy invasion.

Low vibration:

Negativity is strongly drawn towards other negative things, places, and people. If you are subjecting yourself to constant sprees of tension, worry, stress, anger, insecurities or jealousy, chances are you already have negative entities in your personal space.

How do these entities affect us?

These entities affect us deeply and in ways we cannot even imagine. They are bound to create negative impressions, thought, behavior patterns etc.

  • They will create physical pain or disease in the area they are stuck, causing improper functioning of the body. The illness caused by them might not have substantial medical proofs but the problem would seem to persist as it lies on the energy level.
  • Creating obstacles in the path of success, one may find themselves going in circles with their career path, unable to find a breakthrough.
  • Prolonged phases of depressions, loneliness, mixed with fear and anxiety, are yet another way they affect one’s life.
  • Lack of energy, low self-image, low BP or low morale, as they feed on the prana or the life force, depleting the resources necessary for personal growth and energy.
  • Stronger entities would like to seclude the victim and create unhappy moments like separation from loved ones, lack of interest in family life or withdrawal from the society.

How to clean your aura of these entities

auric-attachments-auric-clearingThe good news is that these negative entities can be cleaned. The solo way to truly discard them from one’s aura is to approach a healer, a shaman or an energy worker. A guided session is important because you as a victim would be unable to tackle the negativity out of your system.

A charged person, who is on a much higher plane in terms of positivity & power, can mostly check within minutes of talking to you, if you have spiritual intrusions.

A psychic detox is usually conducted for more than one session where the healer peels of layers after layers of a specific trauma or misery to weed out entities related to each other.

Under the guided regression therapies, the therapist would take you to the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind and detect how many negative entities you have in your space and would step by step cast them out.

The process would be simple and healing in nature but does not guarantee detoxification forever. Just like after a detoxification, we might go back to eating junk and fill our system with toxic food similarly, due to our lifestyle choices, new entities are bound to find their way into your aura.

The only lasting solution is to be connected to a shaman and keep revisiting after a few months for a quick detoxification. But here are some ways of avoiding or lowering the chances of having these negative entities enter your aura.

How to avoid these entities

  • Be aware of other people’s energy and as and when you feel negativity around people and places, steer clear of it. Even for social obligations avoid handshakes and hugs with people whose energy do not seem right. Negativity can come in any form.
  • Keep a check on your own aura and try to understand if the thoughts that come to you are your or someone else’s. Ask yourself, does this thought belong to me or someone else. If you constantly feel someone else’s presence, visit a therapist or healer for cleaning work.
  • Try and work your way through soul retrieval. Many past life regression therapist can perform soul retrieval therapies.
  • Smudging can be used to clean your aura and your house. Using incense sticks, camphor lighting and salt water cleaning of the floor for maintaining a clean atmosphere.
  • Grounding technique of connecting with mother earth is an effective way to stay positive and be connected.
  • Imagine a white shaft light pouring from your crown chakra and bathing your entire body in positivity, peace and power.

Fear is baseless and only crops from unknown things, situations and places. Clearing our energy field on a regular basis of everything that doesn’t belong to us is important, so that we can be lighter and feel clearer about ourselves.

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Angels Above by Harman Visions
Energy vampires
Auric cleaning
Energy field

Further reading
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Sonali Bansal
Sonali Bansal
A healer, yoga teacher, traveler & philanthropist, she is an independent writer/blogger. A creative soul, her inner calling lies in spiritual oneness. Overcoming the hurdles of human birth, she is a karma yogini. Channeling the light wherever she goes, her focus is on self development as this is the real art of divine worship for her. Follow her page on:


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