The Effect of Nature on the Human Mind

The healing effect of nature on human mind Have you wondered how caught up we get in our daily lives that we hardly make the time to bond with nature. In our spare time, we either watch TV, play games, sit on the computer or meet friends. That has a negative impact on our health.

There is a term called ‘Ecopsychology’ which shows the connection between ecology and human psychology. Well, hope this doesn’t sound too boring, but its a simple theory which we just forget.

Distancing yourself from nature and finding comfort in this concrete jungle has negative effect on humans, mentally and physically, and even nature.

We develop less empathy towards nature, so end up destroying what we never created, but the fact remains that humans have an emotional bond with Mother Nature, which we remain oblivious to.

Going out of town closer to nature, participating in nature activities, or going for a walk in the park, not only gives you some peace of mind, but also helps you to switch off for a while. Even looking at a beautiful landscape picture can make you feel light.

How can we disconnect from nature? Ecopsychology explores how to embrace nature without judging it, and that way we can be one with nature and feel in harmony. Many therapists have used ecopsychology to treat mental illnesses or disorders. Greenery has a spiritual healing effect on our senses, that’s why people prefer to meditate in the open.

Many tribes like the aborigines, shamans, pagan led a nomadic life, with very little damage done to the environment. Their lives were so entwined with nature that destroying their land or significant place would be devastating for them.

Its about sustainable living, if people had realised that our planet wouldn’t be facing such a grim situation. Ecopsychology helps to understand the inevitable connection between humans and nature.

Thank us with a share, not only does it help us grow, by sharing knowledge you help shift the planets consciousness. Thank you so much:
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Bhavika is a nature-loving, spiritual being and co-founder of Fractal Enlightenment, who thrives to help fellow beings re-connect with nature and their inner selves. Thank you for being part of this journey.
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  1. vaibhav dugar - April 22, 2011, 4:07 pm Reply

    have u read celestine prophecy and anastasia?

  2. VenusPrincess - May 3, 2014, 12:42 am Reply

    you can say and write SOO much more about this “issue. Sure we all know many things went wrong but whats the next step : amending 100 years and all the nonsence, seek refuge in illusions, believe in those illusions….. ? Would it be possible to reunite THE RULING PEOPLe of todya with nature ? Would it undo the harm burned in our heads ? I think its totally possible, we could involve our selfes ( in every aspect ) to something beautiful and significant and reach (at least) the illusion of a reality in which we found freedom ; a form of pure existence in which we express our potential to the fullest. Haa even the idea of something like that should give us enough drive and power to at least TRY it. Why is everybody so depending of their animal instincts and other stupid stuff ??? In my town I am the only one thinking like this but i think its gonna be as its usually is : Late they all come ot me and admit. Thats not what i want :( ! I want other people to treat meas awsome how awsome i am o.O Thats not selfish its just that damagemd people will never be …”natural”/able to love life to the fullest EVEN i tried because they say “how you are to others,they will be nice as same”. They arent – they are soulless, lame and uninterested in anything(and specially deeper interactions. Haha i wish i could just ignore that little truth but it drives me CRAZY (am i the only one ? )!
    Being close to nature and beautiful natural places gives us power because of the universal connection we are made of. We can feel this wonder sometimes too slightly and things seem ” unimportant” .But if you really thing about you should realize how important you psychic development is. That is so self-evidend !
    I am sorry for my long commend it s just that i dont understand.I dont understand how people dont see the priority in important thing as for ex. psychic development. The divination into ” child and adult is so ridiculous- it gives some people the permission to dwell on a special level. But life is only when things change. This is all so obvious. Can smeone please me explain how nobody reacts? Or why do we (why do i belong to the retarded people?) take part in that prescript life stile?
    I am thankful for every answer but if you dont know the answer please dont pretend to :s:]
    love for everybody who needs it

  3. Melissa Story - May 17, 2014, 9:00 pm Reply

    This is such an important area of study, particularly given how ‘plugged in’ our world is becoming. There is no denying the fundamental need to be connected to nature. I had the opportunity to conduct research in this area. I’ve happily shared my research online, for those who might be interested. Thanks for this timely and important post!

  4. Kbrink - May 17, 2014, 9:24 pm Reply


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