Electromagnetic Radiation – The Dark side of Technology

In our daily lives we are constantly exposed to powerful electromagnetic fields or EMF emitted from cell phone towers, wi-fi hubs, high voltage wires, common devices like televisions, microwave ovens and almost all electronic appliances. These EMFs have shown to disturb the human body’s natural energetic field, so you will experience the effects of it on a biological level in the body.

In simple terms, electromagnetic fields are invisible waves that emanate from any electrical or wireless device. Its a kind of radiofrequency EMFs (RF-EMFs) by which all wireless technology operates. Since the field possesses magnetic and electrical properties, it also interacts with charged objects within the field (The human body possesses a positive field).

thermographic image cell phone effect on the human head
A Thermographic image of the effect of using a cell phone for 15 minutes.

Since the human body has its own natural EMF field, it connects with the man-made EMF that eventually jeopardises our health. EMFs affect enzymes related to growth regulation, pineal gland metabolism (regulation of the sleep hormone, melatonin), and cell division and multiplication, harming everything from your sleep cycles and stress levels to your immunities and DNA.

New diseases and symptoms are popping up, not that all is attributed to EMFs, but it has played a major role in compromising our immune system. For example, after talking on the cell phone for long, I often, use to get a headache and feel tired. Its only after I cut down on my usage to a minimum that my headaches disappeared. Long-term use of cell phones have also been linked to cancer.
The video below shows a research into cell phone use and its potential impact on human health, as well as the potential side effects such as brain cancer and salivary gland tumors-

Here is the Electromagnetic Spectrum – the different types of radiation in the EM spectrum that enters our home on a daily basis –

Its not the one time use that puts us in danger but the continuous exposure to high levels of EMF that hampers our health. Several studies on cancer have shown that some childhood cancers have been linked with exposure to high energy electromagnetic fields.

Take a look at the video below that shows the dangers of Wi-Fi. It shows an example of a school that went wireless and that affected the health of children –

Another short film I found was ‘Allergic to the 21st Century’. It features people in the UK who are Electrosensitive either to electromagnetic radiation and chemicals. An eye-opening film since the modern day living has led to emergence of new illnesses and the only way to survive is to give it all up and reconnect with Nature!

One of the reasons we’ve been living in the countryside was due to the stressful life in the city and the constant buzz (you know what I mean). Although there is one cell phone tower far away and our work happens only on the computer, there is less EMF radiation because our use of other electronic devices is minimum. We recently stopped using wi-fi and felt a lot of difference, don’t use a microwave oven or TV or radio, and we hardly use the cell phone too.

Completely eliminating exposure to EMF might be close to impossible, because power lines run all over the place, but you can always minimize it by taking precautions like using the land line at home and work instead of a cordless or a cell phone. Also cutting down on mobile use, switching off the wi-fi modem when not in use and reducing use of other electronic devices will prove beneficial for your health!

electromagnetic spectrum sources of radiation

Connecting to Earth’s Energy

earthing or grounding The Earth too is surrounded by an electromagnetic field generated by the movement of electrons inside the Earth, but it is at a very low frequency (earth is a limitless source of negative-charged free electrons).

When you come in direct contact with the earth’s energy – also known as ‘‘Earthing’, there is an instant transfer of natural electrical energy to the body, as a result you feel rejuvenated, nurtured and healed. Like when you take a walk in a park or go to a forest, its an instant recharge!


How to reduce your EMF risk? Study

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