Interview with Bruce Lipton, Part 2: Understanding the Healing Power of Thoughts

In the second part of the interview with Bruce Lipton, he talks about using the power of the subconscious mind, how real is the Placebo effect and the healing power of thoughts.

The subconscious mind operates 95% of the time and the conscious mind works only 5% of the time.

1) How can you use the power of your subconscious mind?

First thing is recognizing this, I am running my life 95% of the time with the subconscious mind. We have now through science found out that thinking takes 95% of our waking lives, which means that 95% of the time you are operating through the subconscious programs. The conscious mind being you and your wishes and desires work only 5% of the time.

If you can rewrite the negative programs in your life and change it to positive behaviors, means 95% of the day you will not be sabotaging yourself with negative programs. Your positive programs will subconsciously run your life and take you to whatever those programs were organised to take you.

Reprogramming the subconscious mind is a long process because the conscious and the subconscious mind is a separate entity, and not one. The belief was that if I can make you aware of something or bring consciousness back into your life then this new awareness or understanding will automatically change the programs in your subconscious mind. This is not true at all. You have to repeat the new behavior all the time as an exercise, and then it will ultimately work.

By just having a belief that I want to change my subconscious program and say this is what I want – is not a conscious thought and it does not change the program. If I find out that my life was all messed up because of the behaviors I got from my family and I say those behaviors are incorrect and I don’t believe in them – it’s the conscious mind’s thoughts about that, this does not translate into subconscious programming.

Some believe that if you repeat a behavior for a long period of time, it might change but in most cases it doesn’t change unless you do an exercise to make it change. If you don’t understand that the subconscious mind works in a different way than the conscious mind then it does take a long time. But if you do understand how to create changes in the programs then it will take relatively short period of time.

hypnosisIf I use hypnosis I can rewrite programs directly in the subconscious mind through a hypnotherapy session. If I want to learn something or change the programming then I make a new behavior and I have to repeat that new behavior everyday and the significance is that every time I repeat the same behavior, the subconscious mind learns.

There is a period of repetition & if you repeat a behavior over and over again, then in a short period of time the new behavior will replace the old program but then to make things more exciting in the world today, there is new psychology program called Energy Psychology or belief change modifications.

These are processes like pushing the record button on a recording device, if you engage in these processes you can create new programs in minutes, this is more exciting in the evolution of change. By creating a super learning state these processes allow individuals to download a new behavior within minutes that will last forever.

The 3 ways of changing the subconscious mind to give you the power back is 1) reprogram it using hypnosis 2) reprogram it using a repetition of a behavior so you get a new habit 3) you can use these new energy psychology modalities to rapidly change existing programs.

2) Is the subconscious mind a connecting link between the finite mind and the collective consciousness?

Simply put, the subconscious mind is a database of programs and the conscious mind is connected to the collective consciousness of the world. But the conscious mind is running the body, essentially like sitting in front of the computer and pulling up programs to run your lives. The conscious mind can create but it creates through the filter of subconscious programming.

Subconscious is a link, a resource of behavior, a program to facilitate life – once you learn how to walk its a habit and you don’t need to learn it again. If there was no subconscious mind everyday you wake up and you wanted to walk you would have to relearn everyday again and again.

Basically if we didn’t have a subconscious mind we probably would never be able to do anything other then get up in the morning and take care of ourselves, because we would have to relearn everyday. Subconscious mind connects behaviors that we use all the time to programs that can be activated by just pushing the button but its not a link between the collective consciousness.

No other individuals have access to the subconscious mind, except through you. It is directly connected to the conscious mind and the conscious mind is you selecting the programs and creating behaviors.

3) Do you think ‘placebo effect’ works for even psychological/psychiatric disorders?
Absolutely yes, it does and I will give you a biggest example of all. Around the world today there are SRI drugs (Serotonin reuptake inhibitor) and these drugs include Prozac and billions of people around the world take Prozac. When you see research from the drug company themselves, Prozac is no more effective than a Placebo.

The answer is how many people get healed taking Prozac, in the sense, they can take care of their lives and hold themselves together and it balances against whatever the problems were. Prozac did not do it, it was the placebo effect that did that, indeed it works for psychological and psychiatric disorders and a billion people using this drug will testify to its effectiveness.

4) The power of intuition or listening to your inner self? Do you think many people are open to that or are unaware?

People might be aware to that intuitive voice or listening to their inner self, but they discount it as not being valuable. They discount it because we are programmed to follow programs. We are taught to do this and this & if the person listens to their inner self, their conscious mind and information coming into them from the source, they don’t give it much value as compared to the programs.

Personally, you get a wonderful thought and you can feel it in your heart or head that I want to do this or don’t want to do this. People ignore that because we have been programmed not to pay attention to these wandering thoughts. This is through our child development, we give more power to the programs that we learn then to our own beliefs about those programs.

This is why so many people have problems in their lives, because their inner selves gives them answers to issues they are dealing with that would help them, but the belief of the individual is they shouldn’t listen to that inner voice.
Most people ignore it and one of the reasons is as children we are never really given a program or told by teachers that listening to your inner voice is very valuable. If we had learnt that as children then we would be much more effective in our lives today and we would pay more attention.

Its a matter of programming this belief and concept that its not important that keeps us from paying attention to it. If we change that and listen to it then lives will change for the positive.

5) How thoughts can heal you physically? If humans are made up of 80% water, then do you think the water we drink also gets affected by our thoughts or intentions?

When I put stem cells which are embryonic cells in a culture and I change the composition in a culture medium, I can change the fate of the cell. This was one of my experiments – I had genetically identical cells in 3 petri dishes and I change the composition, the chemistry of the culture medium, in each of the dishes. In one dish the cells formed bone, in another dish the cells formed muscle and in the third dish they formed fat cells.

What’s the point of this research, the answer is that all the cells were genetically identical, so the fate of the cells couldn’t have been controlled by the genes because they all have the same genes. Rather fate of the cells was determined by the chemistry of the culture medium. In the human body the cells are like skin covered culture dish, with 50 trillion cells, the culture medium is called the blood. If I change the composition of the blood, how I changed the composition of the culture medium, then I affect the fate of the cells.

DNA-and-genesSimple point when we make culture medium in a laboratory for cells on a plastic dish we try to make that culture medium based on the composition of the blood, from where the cells come from. If I change the composition of my blood, I change the fate of the cells.

The brain is what controls the chemistry of the blood, but the mind determines what chemistry is going to be released. For example – if you have feeling of being in love, your thoughts are I am in love, the chemistry released by a brain in love includes hormones like dopamine for pleasure. This causes to become healthy and happy. The chemistry also releases growth hormone which supports the growth of the cells.

This is why when people are in love have a glow, and this is because the brain is creating culture medium, blood with elements that affect the genetics and activity of the cells. What’s interesting is if I change my thoughts then I change my cells.

So if you are in love and all of a sudden you become afraid that something is going to happen, then love is replaced by fear. The thought of fear releases different chemicals which are stress chemicals or inflammatory chemicals that affect the immune system of a healthy body.

If I have negative thoughts such as fear and stress, I am releasing chemicals from my brain that will shut down the growth of the cells. However, if I maintain thoughts of health, harmony and love, it will lead to growth of the cells.

Thoughts can heal you physically because thoughts can change the chemistry of the culture medium and the culture medium, blood, is what feeds and organises the behaviour of the cells.bruce-lipton-epigenetics

Second part of the question – Yes, for a simple reason our nervous system works by creating electromagnetic fields or vibrations, things that we can measure with EEG for example.

The significance of that is the electrical activity in the field is picked up by water, water picks up frequencies from the environment and then connects these water molecules through bonds where these frequencies are running through the water molecules, like a vibration running through a field. Water picks up energy – the thoughts that we have are translated into energy by the brain and the energy of our thoughts and who we are can influence the nature of the water.

And interesting enough a friend of mine did an experiment with cells in a tissue culture and crystals and the idea is people understand that crystals absorb energy like batteries. What he did is he gave sick people crystals to hold, and then put them in the culture dish and the bad energy from their illness went through the culture medium and made the cells sick as well.

In contrast, he took crystals that were held by healers and put those crystals in the culture dish, and the cells grew healthfully and happily. The idea is the information in the crystals is translated into water in the culture medium (remember the culture medium affects the growth of the cells).

Read part 3 of the interview..

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