How to Channel Source Energy in our Creative Endeavors

 “The Universe is saying, ‘allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen.” ~ Klaus Joehle

Our only real task, mission, purpose, whatever you want to call it, we have here on Earth is to create. In fact, our entire life is just one big piece of art that we are creating as we go along. Source energy is in a state of constant creation.

We are a fraction of source energy, so we are also in this state at all times, whether we know it or not. On a large scale we are creating our life, but we also are creating in our day to day lives.

It may come in the form of writing, painting, cooking, making music, or even just interacting with other people. We are creating stories, circumstances, feelings, physical activity etc…

Although every single one of us is an artist to some extent or another, those that actually consider themselves artists know that by getting out of their heads and creating from their awareness purely, they are able to experience a state of transcending thought, which allows them to create some of their best and most divinely inspired works.

tap-into-source energySome people call it “getting in the zone”, “being in the vortex” or “channeling”, but basically when we create from a place of pure presence, we feel at one with the source of all life. Our creation, whatever it may be, seems to be moving THROUGH us, rather than by us.

This allowance of the energy of the Universe to be moving through our physical body into our work of “art”, is one of the easiest ways for people to get in touch with that field of pure awareness and be in a state of complete mindfulness that we hear so much about these days.

So how do we do it? How can we get in touch with the source energy inside of us and tap into the place that all creation stems from in order to not only create our lives but also to bring that energy of divinity into our writing, music, cooking etc… ? “In breathing, everyone assimilates next to oxygen but also prana, a cosmic energy.

In that way, everyone is a channel for the energy of the cosmos to the earth. The cosmic energy stands for love, peace, joy, intuition inspiration and light.”- Unknown

Tapping into source energy requires us to rise above the field of thought and mind. When we get to this place, we can create from a place of being and our creation seems to just flow effortlessly.

The method that one is able to tap into source energy may change from person to person, but the most effective way to get in this place of “no-mind” is to meditate before you create.

Imagine every breath you take as inhaling energy straight from source, and allow your attention on your breath to take you away from your thoughts. You may ask “God” or Source or the Universe to use your physical body, whether it be your hands or your ears, or your words as its a “paintbrush”.

When we set the intention to make our physical body the means to which the Universe can create or manifest whatever its will is, we tap directly into the highest source of creation.

When we think of it as the Universe is using us to experience itself and using our bodies and works of art as one way to experience the “all that is” we will be able to create more effectively and effortlessly.

create-in-lifeAnother path we can use to channel divine energy is to tap into our emotions, and use them as the fuel to create our art. As we all know some of the best music, paintings, and writing are all inspired by feelings such as love, anger, sadness, etc…

When we use the energy of our emotions as the drive behind our creation, we are able to not only work through the emotions in a positive and healthy way, but we are also able to make somewhat of a tangible “diary” of how we were feeling at any particular moment. You can really create whatever “ritual” you like in order to get into this place.

It may be just sitting outside for 5-10 minutes before you start working in order to just clear your head and start resonating with the vibration of nature, or even going to a special place in your home that you have deemed a “sacred space”, or even something like prayer before you create will help set the intention to make your creation of the highest order.

A guided meditation to tap into source energy –

We are all artists. Even if you don’t participate in one of the more common “mediums” of art, you are still co-creating your life alongside source. When we don’t resonate in this presence of source we actually hand the keys over to our subconscious mind, which means we have no real control as to what is being created.

By consciously tapping into source we unlock all the infinite possibilities and magic that the Universe has just waiting for us to call on. Find your passion. Find that one thing that makes you feel like time no longer exists, and you could do for hours and still feel you haven’t worked at all.

We all have something inside of us just begging to manifest into physical form. Exercise, paint, make clothes, start a business, give someone advice, manifest situations or things… it doesn’t really matter what you choose.

The works that we create while here on Earth become our greatest legacy that we leave here long after we are gone.

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Heaven’s gate

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