Your Life is Your Movie, Create It!

“There is no reality aside from your definition of it.” ~ Bashar

There are two ways to look at life. One is that everything is happening TO you.

In this perspective we become unsuspecting victims of our circumstances. We are affected by change or other people’s behavior and we have no other choice but to blame things outside of our self for anything from our bad moods to the reason that we aren’t fulfilled, abundant, or at peace with our existence.

abundanceIn this instance, the actor becomes the character he is playing, so much so that he forgets he’s playing a part in a movie and starts to believe that not only is he the character that he is playing, but that he has absolute zero control over how he is experiencing the circumstances that come his way.

This character is often negatively affected by unplanned change, or anything that he himself has defined as a “negative circumstance.” Perceived negative circumstances must be indicative that life is hard, life is terrible, or that nothing is working out for him.

The second way to look at life is that everything is happening FOR you. Through this lens we find that every single thing that comes our way can only be coming to strip from us something else that we are not (limited beliefs about ourselves or life), or to  move us on to bigger and better people, places and things.

This person not only sees himself as the actor in the movie, but also the director, the casting agent and the observer of the movie too. Note that both people will undoubtedly experience unplanned situations and even unwanted situations, but the difference is that the first character will define every challenging circumstance as proof that things aren’t going well for them.

Negative-Mind-Will-Never-Give-You-A-Positive-LifeTo him, circumstances that were not planned symbolize the difficulty of life and reinforce their belief that they are a victim of their circumstances. The second person instead uses any adversity in their lives to symbolize how WELL things are going for them.

Challenges and change must mean that they are once again growing and evolving and moving on to situations they are better suited to who they are. This is the secret of co-creation.

We decide what things symbolize and by doing so, we not only change the way we experience our movie, but we align ourselves with timelines that carry within them more and higher vibrational possibilities.

“We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.” ~ Bill Hicks

At one point in my life, I was beginning to wonder why I was attracting so many life-altering circumstances. It seemed as though ever since I started my spiritual journey my life has been one huge life change after another.

While everyone else around me seemed to be living somewhat comfortably, with very little change in their lives from month to month, year to year, my life was becoming one big roller coaster of ups and downs.

Relationships were coming and going and the pendulum between having money and not having money was swinging back and forth from one extreme to another. The deeper I went down the rabbit hole and traveled inward, the more my outer reality was falling apart, and then together, and then apart again.

What was I doing wrong? Then, one day the realization came. I was constantly evolving and growing, the person I am today is COMPLETELY different from the person I felt like even a couple months ago, let alone a couple years.

Perhaps, the radical transformation I was undergoing internally was constantly attracting to me newer and more transformational experiences that were only furthering along my emotional growth and spiritual maturity.

The fact that I was changing so much inside was only ensuring that I would keep drawing to me more challenging situations to get through. And the irony of the whole thing is, as time went on, the less “stable” my circumstances seemed, the more peace I felt inside.

Instead of using instability and change to symbolize how “wrong” I was doing things, I decided it could only symbolize how transformed I was becoming. Instead of using the number in my bank account to symbolize how abundant or not abundant I was, I decided to change my definition of abundance from solely meaning how much money I did or didn’t have, to instead encompass every single thing I came across.

I have clothes on my back, I am not starving, I have a roof over my head, and a cell phone to use if I need to call someone… who’s to say I’m not abundant? By simply changing the way I defined myself and my life’s circumstances I was able to change my experience of life.

And instead of deciding that unplanned change must symbolize that there is something that I need to fear, I instead decided to openly accept it as yet another chance for me to grow into a better version of my former self and use it as an indicator that things can only be getting better for me.

movieimage3“When something goes wrong in your life just yell ‘plot twist!’ and move on.” ~ Unknown

Every once in a while it’s important that we take a step back from reality and really question how we are defining ourselves and what things symbolize to us.

Are the characters in our movie symbolizing how powerless we are? Or can we use our interactions with them as catalysts to discover yet another unconscious aspect of ourselves that is trying to make itself known through them?

Do the things we own and the numbers in our bank account symbolize how much we DON’T have? Or do they instead symbolize how many things we have to be grateful for? Does pain, heartbreak, fear and loneliness symbolize how terrible we must be doing at life?

Or does it symbolize how wonderful we are doing and how the Universe trust us to be able to overcome such amazing challenges?

Every single thing in your life experience can symbolize how amazing you are and how awesome you are doing. You are the director or your experience… you get to decide. And in doing so, the movie of your life not only becomes considerably more enjoyable but radically transformative as well.

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