The Perks of Being a Spatial Empath: Time Travelling to Create the New Grid

Have you ever walked into a building or room and just felt bowled over by the non-physical activity going on in there? Or perhaps after leaving a party or your workplace became aware of the energies you have accumulated and that many didn’t belong to you?

Meditation can bring us to the realization of how much we collect throughout the day that doesn’t belong to us and provides us with a way to ‘clean’ and ground ourselves regularly. In completing a daily practice you should be better able to discern between what are your own thought patterns, what is circumstantial and collected from events of the day… and what is sensed and taken on from your surroundings.

The down side of spatial sensitivity or empathy is that, until you become aware of it, it can trigger avoidance or coping behaviours that will disrupt daily life and stop the individual from functioning with ease. The individual who is sensitive to spaces are unable to maintain focus and may feel dizzy, sick or anxious and have to leave, and the problem in that is this sensitivity can then begin to rule their lives.

Spaces are literally jam-packed with imprints left on them from past events and interactions, meaning someone able to ‘read’ those imprints can be overwhelmed. A place contains a whole timeline within it; an accumulation and reflection of all those who have been there.

In this way bus or train stations can be quite enjoyable, as can the supermarket, whereas a closed in space such as a workplace or the home of someone who has a lot of dense energy can feel oppressive. The more time spent in this place the more pressed up against the walls a sensitive person can feel, until they have no idea where their thoughts and feelings end and the other’s around them begin.

These timelines or habitual thought patterns and darker emotions that have collected in the space become lodged, meaning that they are perfect breeding grounds for third dimensional beliefs that keep the 3rd dimensional matrix alive and well. The more sensitive a person gets, the more difficult everyday living becomes because they are literally wading through constant shifts in emotions and thought patterns that don’t even belong to them. And unfortunately, being a lightworker means that the more these negative thought patterns pass through and are dwelt upon by that individual, the more they are magnified into the collective conscious.

But an understanding of how we are constantly creating new timelines can offer a way out, and an opportunity to turn this curse into a gift.

Transmuting these energies is where an empath’s sights should be set. This is why you have reached this stage in your evolution, and it is also why you are so important. It’s believed that Jesus, the Buddha and many other ‘silent’ ascenders placed positive frequencies across the globe and contributed heavily to the evolution of mankind. No action goes without consequence, and that is why positive action and thought are impossible to ruin or remove. Once it’s created, it’s there forever.

Timelines offer the idea that the past, present and future are happening simultaneously, so when you go into a memory that caused you pain and instead focus on the alternate, loving reaction you could have had, you eventually will begin to actually change that memory (also known as cognitive reframing) and dissolve it.

We are keeping alive all the pain and problems in our lives as we unconsciously mull them over; they are literally circling our energy fields. We have a choice and are creator beings, meaning that at any time; at any moment in the day we have a choice about the way we feel and react.

By meditating, bringing awareness to the negative timelines we are buying into and then dissolving them (by sending them love and compassion), we are able to rewrite history, the present moment AND the future. This is why pure presence is the way forward for the human race, a presence that will transcend the need for any dualistic thinking entirely, including money, gender, illness, even death.

So how do you make a conscious choice and ‘place’ a positive frequency in a space?

You must become the frequency. Start by choosing a place you usually feel happy and at ease and observe what it is that makes you feel that way. It may be a sun spot, somewhere out in the open in natural surroundings. Try to carry that feeling into the next place you go.

Another method is to look at the people that frequent the spaces you feel less happy in. Do they hold certain beliefs that conflict with yours or are they projecting negatively onto you? In your meditations send them light and love and work to resolve that conflict outside the space so that you will become less sucked in when in that space with them. Once you have practised this alone you will be able to do it when stood right in front of them.

In studying your own habitual thinking and actions you can start breaking the patterns inherent in a space. Try doing the total opposite of what you always do. For example instead of sticking to the sidelines walk right down the middle and speak loudly. People will be bemused but actually love it when someone ‘breaks the rules’, that is, the non-verbal agreements a space holds. Obviously if you do this in a library you may get chucked out, but you can play with the boundaries of those rules.

Practice becoming a vortex of positive intention that is entirely immune to anything around you. Much like bringing your positivity from a space you like, you can break rules and patterns this way too. In actual fact this is absolute freedom, because when you become immune and protected from spatial imprints you will also become immune to any digs or negativity others throw at you.

Within the vortex you strictly observe what you want in there and what you can do without. Energy flows where intention goes so if there’s something that is working against you, realign with more loving intentions and uphold a self-loving attitude at all times. Your outer world will follow your inner. Not the other way around.

In deciding to be responsible for your own feelings in a space you naturally encourage others to co-create more responsibly whilst catapulting yourself into leadership status because you are showing others how to be truly authentic and true to themselves.

You no longer get pulled into other people’s vortex because you look after your own. You become a spiral of positivity that ripples out across eternity, setting in concrete a bold contribution; you have achieved mastery of your micro and macro-cosmic space.

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Lauren Simpson-Green, who has had quite a few life-affirming spiritual experiences already, now passes her days trying to master one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual experiences of all; being a mother to two children. Based in Devon, UK, she spends the rest of her time working on a children's book, practising yoga and making wool fairies and gnomes for her daughter's school fayres.


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