4 Meditations For Honouring And Releasing Chaos

“I accept chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me.” ~ Bob Dylan

Ascension fatigue and chaotic emotions that seem to rocket off the scale in both directions can be hard to cope with, especially when they seemingly come out of nowhere. But in truth they offer us a very unique and wonderful opportunity.

In sending gratitude in their direction, we recognise that they are the signals we’re sending ourselves that something is not right; that we are separate from our inner being and need to reel ourselves back in.

The chaos we’re experiencing can also very much be the chaos of others; earth shifts, collective cleansing and residues from childhood, in many cases our chaos actually belongs to someTHING, or someONE else.

In accepting this we might be at last able to free ourselves from the density of them. In accepting that much of our density and chaos belongs to something beyond us (and that we have taken them on as an act of kindness gone wrong) we can do the right thing and transmute it before blowing it from our energetic fields like the seeds of a dandelion clock.

Here are 4 meditations to rapidly and efficiently eject that chaos from our aura and sending it packing:

Clearing through the breath

Have you ever noticed how taking a deep breath can clear away the cobwebs like nothing else? Sometimes a deep breath can touch recesses you’d forgotten even existed; it clears out closets you hadn’t opened in years. It can direct life force through areas of yourself that were long forgotten and reignite them like an old flame.

The breath can also trigger past karma and heal it by directing Prana there. Breathing and releasing in equal measure can become the most self loving thing you’re able to do for yourself. Even three in the morning is enough to get you moving in new and refreshing directions.

Breathing deeply will release energies that do not belong to you, and once you have completed them you can set a new intention; one that better serves the new rejuvenated You.

94209608e235c8437fa7405b1371c87cAnger rising

Anger is the emotion that rises from the deep when our fear has been put aside and dealt with. This is why numbness and resistance of life that expresses itself in the form of depression becomes the layer we seal in our anger with. Society does not like you to express your anger and from a very early age we are taught not to do so.

Never mind anger being the natural reaction to injustice and things we cannot fully understand, anger gets trapped in us like nothing else and so it’s imperative that we face it. And soon. If you feel as if you have so much anger it overwhelms you, try this simple technique:

Every time you notice anger, observe it rising. Just this. At first you probably won’t remember until you’re knee-deep in it, but promise yourself that next time you will catch it earlier. Don’t rationalise, but let it flow.

Sit in the armchair or safe place… or observation deck of your inner being and simply watch it rising. Keep doing this and you will notice that surprisingly it doesn’t take too long for this terrifying monster to subside and disappear entirely.

Enjoy the ride

If you look at it like this; you are a spiritual being having a temporary human experience then absolutely everything that comes into your direct experience has been created by you, and much of the reasoning why you have attracted it will be under lock and key by your inner being or higher self. This is why it’s important not to take yourself so seriously and just enjoy the ride.

Say the affirmation ‘I trust myself’ whenever you feel frustrated or confused. Repeat it like a mantra and accept that you can never understand everything in the bigger picture and if you did then it would remove all the fun.

Do you really never want to be surprised by life? Don’t you like the feeling there’s something bigger than you? Or do you prefer to play small and safe?

In just accepting that you will never know all the answers you can take everything with a big pinch of salt and laugh at yourself. When you have this perspective you remember to enjoy the craziness too as you know it may be its final visit.

untitled 1See yourself as a transmutation machine

Imagine yourself literally eating up poison – whether you identify those poisons as ‘yours’ or ‘others’, it’s all the same really – and transforming that poison into light. Every time you catch yourself playing the role of the victim in a situation immediately deposit yourself into the shoes of the other and talk yourself around it.

Things like ‘You’ve had a bad day and you were actually trying to create a good situation by treating me like *(insert expletive), you just happened to forget your kindness but I understand where you were coming from’ creates the world we want to live in. Purposefully notice the positive things you have in common with them.

Everyone, with no exceptions, does what they think is right at the time using what they know in that moment. Even if you don’t have that direct conversation with them, sending your enemy good vibes and pulling them into an imaginary hug does wonders for the world as a whole as it sends out ripples of compassion consciousness. This is your contribution and trust me it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Don’t forget to send even those big bad Illuminati bosses good vibes as they are also suffering. Things like ‘you must be in the darkest corner of the universe to have done what you’ve done’. Feel compassion for them and imagine them choosing the lighter end of the dualistic spectrum.

Even political puppets who are catalyst for change in being the most awful human beings you thought you could imagine probably need a cuddle and some understanding. Send them love, show that you believe they can turn themselves around and understand that you are revolutionizing the way we respond to each other. You’re fighting the good fight.

So, do any of these meditations resonate with you? Remember that even in the midst of chaos, you still have the free will to bring yourself home. You’re strong enough to eat up those negativities before letting them float away on the breeze.

Be ready to embrace the lighter end of the polarity stick and the universe within will guide you. It’s going to be quite a journey!

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