Do You Lack the Courage to Change?

As you may know over the last few years I have written a few articles based on Childhood Trauma. What brought my childhood trauma to the forefront is the role reversal in the same kind of scenarios I experienced as a child. Although I’m doing my best not to repeat the generational trauma that has been passed down.

A lot of psychological principles are based on the theories of Freud and Jung, a lot of psychiatrists would actually go out and say that your current issues stemmed from your past traumas and would then just end up counselling you by saying, “So you see, it’s not your fault.”

I used a justification like this that it’s not my fault for being a little broken, a little awkward in social situations, its because of the amount of crap that I had to go through while growing up, has moulded me into what I am today.

I lived in this unknown bubble of comfort until I listened to “The Courage to be Disliked.” This book literally made me see this bubble I had built for myself and got me to poke holes to help me get out of my comfort zone. While I was listening to the book I could feel, it unravelling my triggers and cognitive dissonance kept popping up at times.

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