Five Psychic Abilities that May Really Exist

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” ~ Socrates

Most of us are probably aware of the terms clairvoyant and telepathic, or perhaps at some time or another have even fantasized about what it would be like to see into the future or read other’s minds.

psychic-readingSome might firmly insist that such absurdity belongs in science fiction, or the archetype of the Magician or Freak in horror films. But beyond the furry edges of fantasy and fiction, where stretches of the imagination become scarily real, we may eventually come to accept that all of us possess some degree of psychic ability.

If the spirit or soul is stripped back using a higher percentage of our brain power and intuitions than the average person uses, who knows what we are capable of? Though modern science has proven that in fact we do use all of our brains and that this 10% myth is just that, a myth. There are many other theories to discount such claims.

Science states that psychic ability is linked to the neurological disorder synesthesia; being able to experience others pain as an empath might, or experiencing cross-wiring in the brain so that you might ‘see’ smells or sounds and mistake them for energy fields and auras.

Then there are the theories of mental health problems surrounding perceptibility following trauma. Perceptibility is also linked to genetics and could account for those ‘paranormal’ X-files-type stories of Telekinesis or being able to move objects with the mind.

Are the theories true and psychic ability is no more than our wiring becoming a little frazzled, or is the discovery and presence of these gifts an integral part of our spiritual journey, one that should not be suppressed and ignored?

Here are some examples of psychic ability that you may have already experienced or would like to start developing right away:


Being in two places at exactly the same time may not so much belong to those accused of witchcraft or the fear that your very own Doppelgänger may be seen walking around on the other side of the planet, but an actual, conceivable and mark-of-the-enlightened-gift.

Bilocation may belong to those who have transcended the separation of the other and thinned back the veils between parallel universes.

If there can be a separate over-soul, a transference of goals and karma to absolve from parent to child and generation to generation, walk-ins of souls into bodies that have served their purpose but are still in full working order, then bilocation, or the quick traveling between two vast distances almost simultaneously could be possible.bilocation-twins

Cloning, a rather more dark and questionable explanation, though teeming with shadowy intentions that perfectly represent our abuse of Godly power as the dominant species on this earth is nether-the-less also still an explanation for this phenomenon.

Could it be, if out-of-body experiences are able to be achieved through accident or careful practice that multiple body bilocation could also be possible?


Famously Nostradamus had this scrying-like gift, and many throughout history have claimed to have prophesying abilities. A British aeronautics engineer J W. Dunne recorded his dreams finding that 10% corresponded to and predicted future events.

Joseph Banks Rhine also completed experiments with symbols on cards but these were later discredited due to the sensory leakage of being able to see and hear their experimenters and due to the fact that the participants were not blindfolded.

Precognition may not belong to those who experience the event and may be one off influences from a particularly devastating or traumatizing event. Many of us might commonly experience precognition within seconds of something occurring like a telephone call from a person we are particularly connected to or just before an accident happens.

This seconds-spanning warning is our intuition or perhaps fight or flight senses on red alert and is conceivably accepted as the mind reaching into unused territory in order to preserve the body it is inhabiting.

Longer time between precognition and the event happening however is more rare. Have you ever experienced it?

Psycho kinesis

levitating-monkAn ability that Roald Dahl made conceivable and thoroughly entertaining in his children’s fiction novel ‘Mathilda’ as well as Stephen King’s much darker take on it in ‘Carrie’, Psycho kinesis also belongs to the gifts of Shamans and Monks. Spoon bending and even levitation can fall under this category; the manipulation of matter with the mind.

Metal bending was a cult activity in the 80s where people attended parties where they were encouraged to jump and shout at the cutlery causing something close to hysteria (and how scientists would discredit the phenomenon as having heightened suggestibility) until they were convinced the metal had bended.

In the channeled novels of ‘Oversoul Seven’ this gift was also touched upon and it’s been suggested that this was how the blue stones that make up most of the circle at Stonehenge in Wiltshire were transported from Wales in the UK.

Given that a human’s brain waves supposedly only extended a few inches around us, it is questionable that we would be able to influence an external object under the rules of (known) physics. Having said that, who knows what would be possible if the Pineal gland were purified and worked upon through the practices of meditation and pure thought?

Automatic Writing

Now this is one I like the sound of. Although possibly confused with channeling, automatic writing is the feeling of being possessed or like your arm doesn’t belong to you when writing.

The gift from God and the elevation of the omniscient, writing can often seem like the ego on overdrive… but occasionally, if practiced and opened up as a possible channeling force, there are times when words really do seem to speak to us from a higher place.

Ouija boards are the more questionable aspect of remote or otherworldly writing, a platform in which a whole host of energies, benevolent or otherwise can lay claim to.

Whether it is spirits writing through the writer’s hand or a hypersensitive ego becoming grander than it ought, automatic writing is certainly more conceivable than many other psychic abilities.


Ekleipsis-By-Sam-Chirnside-image22This form is extrasensory perception is becoming more and more widely acceptable as it slowly but surely escapes it’s boundaries of the new age and bleeds into the awareness of all individuals, mainstream or otherwise.

Becoming aware of our potentials as human beings is something this new paradigm is giving to us, along with the responsibility to each other that this comes with. Perhaps we are ready to develop our gifts, as ancient civilizations may have done so thousands of years before us. It’s what we do with it that counts, and may decide our evolution… or indeed decline.

Getting a sense of someone beyond their body language and the words they speak, seeing/glimpsing energies and spirits around us and seeing the future or hearing others thoughts is surely just an umbrella term for an increased use of our sophisticated intuitions in this evolving brutal and loving world.

Whether you are an Indigo spirit, Shamanic Druid, Lay Person increasing your talent for manifesting or someone who has always been firmly connected to your guardians and are feeling ready to start channeling their clear and loving messages, if you are reading this then you probably already have some degree of clairvoyant ability just aching to be released.

Image Source

Psychic reading
Bilocation twins
Levitating Child Monk – Achmad Munasit

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Lauren Simpson-Green, who has had quite a few life-affirming spiritual experiences already, now passes her days trying to master one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual experiences of all; being a mother to two children. Based in Devon, UK, she spends the rest of her time working on a children's book, practising yoga and making wool fairies and gnomes for her daughter's school fayres.


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