Are You Open to Receiving (the answer may surprise you)?

“The world is full of abundance and opportunity, but far too many come to the fountain of life with a sieve instead of a tank car, a teaspoon instead of a steam shovel. They expect little, and as a result they get little.” ~ Ben Sweetland

To the conscious mind, a question such as “are you open to receiving blessings and abundance from the universe?”, may sound like a no-brainer. Of course we feel open, ready, willing and able to receive gifts if they are presented to us.

However, as you may have learned by now, the conscious mind has very little to do with what we actually experience in external reality. The subconscious mind is approximately 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind.

Deeply rooted belief systems and expectations on what will and can be are the strongest tools we have to steer the ship of our life into our most fulfilling reality. These are also the tools that often create the most blockages and dams when blessings are trying to come our way.

A completely open vessel is able to receive and hold more abundance, while a vessel (person) riddled with beliefs of fear, lack and unworthiness will actually keep out the amazing gifts that the universe is trying to send.

So how exactly do we become open to receiving to graciously receive all of the blessings that are meant for us?

Stop placing conditions on the universe

“When you are really in the flow with your inner being, ideas come easily-they are implemented easily. It is fun while you are in the process of them; and it doesn’t matter how they unfold and nothing can go wrong, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it done it’s just fun to do it. Your inner being feels no limit. So, anything that feels like limits is something that you have self-imposed.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

One of the biggest mistakes we make when attempting to manifest our dream reality is placing stipulations on the universe. Very often what our conscious mind wants is less significant in comparison to what the universe actually wants to send us.

And when we want something that is out of alignment with our soul’s highest destiny, the biggest gift the universe gives us is not sending us something that we are asking for. For example, let’s say we are desperately trying to make things work with someone who is not the right person for us.

We could pray, or try to do every law of attraction tactic in the book to no avail because a loving universe will not allow us to manifest something that will ultimately not be in our best interest. Yes, some relationships don’t last and end up being a lesson, but once we are ready for a bigger and better blessing, the universe will not bring to us something that we have evolved past.

Also, when we become too attached to a specific outcome, for instance, let’s say someone is trying to manifest financial abundance, they become too concerned with the amount of money and their conscious mind begins to come up with ideas on how to get that amount, but what that person is really wanting is a feeling of safety and freedom.receiveimage5

For most people that is what money represents, a means of not having to worry about how they are going to pay their bills (safety) and freedom to live life however they choose. The feelings attached to what they are trying to manifest is the important part not the specific outcome of manifesting let’s say one million dollars.

And what do you know, safety and freedom are both completely free and also something that we can find within ourselves at any time of the day, regardless of the number in our bank account.

By resonating with the emotions of love, abundance, fulfillment etc.. regardless of what external reality looks like, the wheel will be set in motion for the universe to begin to transform our outer reality in response, but not the other way around.

We must change, then outer reality has the permission to change. And if like many people at first you cannot find it in yourself to feel fulfilled or abundant unless you are financially wealthy, this is an indication of an out of alignment subconscious belief system.

At that point focus on the feelings you have in relation to money – you might be scared of failure, feeling unsafe, or stuck, and this is when the opportunity arises for us to become the healers of our own heart.

By staying with each emotion as is, not judging it, and loving it, (and you can hold your hand over your heart and say something like, “when I feel scared of not having enough money to live my best life, I deserve more love, not less”) you create the perfect set of conditions to unravel fear-based subconscious belief systems.

Fear-based beliefs cannot survive in the energy of acceptance and unconditional love. Use every painful or fear-based emotion as an opportunity to heal a deeply held belief that is out of alignment with truth of who you are.

receiveimage3See everything as a gift

“Gratitude places you in the energy field of plentitude. Glow with gratitude and see how awe and joy will make their home in you.” ~ Michael Beckwith

After you have removed your idea of how things need to go in order to feel the feelings your heart longs to feel, it is then time to energetically put yourself in the place to receive. The absolute best way to do that is to begin to receive everything as a gift. Yes, everything.

The universe is always conspiring to bring us our most fulfilling reality, it is never punishing us, and when this statement really starts to resonate on a deep level, we see that everything that happens (no matter how painful or not painful it is) is in fact a gift from the universe.

Either it is helping us to heal an unresolved emotion, bringing to light a limited belief system that is preventing us from receiving our soul’s deepest desires, or helping us to cultivate unconditional love for ourselves and others, everything that happens is here to help us.

When we make “thank you” the most common thing we say to others, ourselves, or the universe on a daily basis, we put ourselves in the perfect energy field to receive more. Unfortunately a misconception came around when people begin to believe that by saying thank you to let’s say, sadness, they would manifest more of it.

But all that does is keeps you in fear all day of feeling an emotion or saying the “wrong” thing, and of course the energy of worry and fear is hardly the perfect set of circumstances to feel happy or fulfilled. Honesty and unconditional love regarding how we truly feel (even if it is just being honest with ourselves), allows us to stay open and aligned with faith.

As with most things on the spiritual journey a certain level of surrender is required in bringing to life our most satisfying reality. And yes, this may sound terrifying to an ego that has been accustomed to trying to control and predict every outcome.

But as the ego begins to integrate into the light of awareness that we are, an inner emptiness will begin to emerge within us, one that feels completely safe to trust in a higher power, and things like abundance, love, happiness and bliss become our natural state regardless of what things look like or don’t look like outside of them.

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loving the universe

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Nikki Sapp
Nikki Sapp
After a synchronistic turn of events led her to receive a "oneness blessing" in 2011, Nikki Sapp experienced a huge shift in her awareness and an awakening of her consciousness. Thus started her spiritual journey. As time transpired, it became apparent to her that her talent for writing and communication would be how she could give back to humanity and help others who were also experiencing a spiritual awakening. Guided by love and service, she allows her body to be the vehicle by which the universe speaks to others through her writing.


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