Understand Your Emotions with Horse Communication

We know that we can communicate telepathically with animals, but there is a much more detailed way to approach communication with them. When we use telepathy, we mainly use our mental body and energy, but animals have a smaller mental body and therefore not as advanced mental energy as humans.

Instead of using mental energy to communicate with animals, we can use our astral body and astral energy, which is our emotions. Our emotions are the language of the soul. Since the beginning of evolution, emotions has been a part of both animals and humans.

Emotions live inside us as energies, constantly flowing in our mind and body. They are a biological tool that helps us to develop our self and to survive. Emotions don’t just appear out of the blue by coincidence, but they always come for a reason and bring a message.

When you want to connect and communicate with horses you have to use your emotions. It is the common language that both humans and animals share – remember that your own human soul has had the experience and knowledge from its journey through the animal kingdom and further to the human kingdom.

Emotional Exchange of Energy with Horses

To practice emotional communication, you have to practice some kind of meditation where you learn how to separate your thoughts from your emotions. When you put aside your thoughts and logic and connect with your inner emotional energies, you can send and receive messages from animals.

You must learn to let your emotions flow freely without any interruption from your thoughts. Only when this is possible, you can experience deep emotional ‘talk’ that can flow between you and the animal.

A wonderful way to learn how to find your emotions and silence your thoughts is by working with horses. To communicate with horses, we have to open our minds to a new way of understanding emotions.

communicating with a horseIn my experience, stand 5-10 meter (15 to 20 feet) away from a horse and close your eyes for a minute or two. Let things settle down inside you, as you take few deep breaths from your stomach. Don’t let any thoughts arise.

You can stop thinking by breathing into your stomach. When you have done this for a couple of minutes, take a look at the horse’s ears and head. If the horse looks straight at you and has its ears pointed directly forward, the two of you are connected.

Stand in this position, just feeling the emotions that arise inside you. Don’t try to understand them in your mind, just feel whatever kind of emotions that arise.

This is a type of conversation where you exchange emotions and not information. The horse makes you feel both yours and the horse’s emotions, and vice-versa. It is not a conversation about which kind of food the horse likes or what time and date it is today, but an exchange of emotional energy, leaving aside mental and logical energy.

By communicating and connecting with horses, it becomes possible to find our emotions and thereby our emotional language. Our emotions play a much bigger role in our lives than we are aware of. We use them constantly when we talk to other people, and they are working ‘behind the scenes’ and are the creator of our intentions.

When we allow our self to connect to horses in this way, we also contact the soul of the horse. Horses have a direct connection to their own soul and when humans connect this way with horses the two souls meet.

This is a wonderful way for humans to get in contact with their own soul, and it brings out healing between both humans and horses.

Please share, it really helps! :) <3

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Lone Hjorth
Lone Hjorthhttp://www.lonehjorth.com
Lone Hjorth is an author of books about emotions and sensitivity. She is also and instructor in Horse Facilitated Learning. Her soul purpose is to teach the world about how sensitivity is the tool to spiritual awakening. Horses are her co-workers in the purpose of teaching people to communicate with horses and other animals through emotional sensitivity.
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