How to Shock Your Chakras into Sacred Alignment

“A person is neither a thing nor a process but an opening through which the Absolute can manifest.” ~ Martin Heidegger

When it comes to sacred alignment, there is perhaps no more powerful a method than going Meta (practicing healthy detachment) and then using the power of archetypes to “hang” our energy on. 

When it comes down to it, chakras are archetypes. They are psychological symbols that we use to focus our energy (chi, prana, mana, Zen). They symbolize the pivotal points of energy transference through the primal/psychological body. They are “skyhooks” of meaning that we use to scale the human condition upward into cosmic interconnectedness and downward into primal rootedness. 

When we practice healthy detachment, we learn to see with Over Eyes. We begin to see the big picture despite the small ego. With enough practice, we can even see our body-as-conduit from the bird’s-eye-view of our Meta perspective. From such a vantage point, we can see/feel/breathe through the energy moving through the body-as-conduit in relation to its cosmic interconnectedness and primal rootedness. This has the potential to bring us great power, vitality, and health. 

Chakras are archetypes, containing both healthy and unhealthy sub-archetypes. Shocking (awakening/balancing/unblocking) our chakras is a matter of mindfully engaging with these sub-archetypes to create powerful transformations. Let’s break each chakra down in relation to their sub-archetypes…

Shocking the Root: Victim versus Mother Nature

“Begin to weave and the divine will provide the thread.” ~ Ancient Proverb

Located at the base of the spine, this energy archetype is about being grounded. Basic survival, stability, and security are at stake here. 

When you’re grounded, you’re in touch with the primal self and you feel secure. When you’re not grounded, you’re out of touch with the primal self and you feel fear. The former is the archetype of Mother Nature. The latter is the archetype of the Victim.

Shock your root chakra by nurturing the victim archetype with the Mother Nature archetype. You can achieve this through mindful detachment. Through mindful meditation, imagine yourself above yourself. Visualize your inner victim becoming rooted in nature. Visualize the powers of the nurturing mother surrounding your inner victim with healing light. 

Sacred alignment is achieved when the victim’s wound becomes a sacred wound. 

Shocking the Sacral: Martyr versus Emperor

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” ~ St. Jerome

Located in the abdomen and governing the genitals and the womb, this energy archetype is about wealth and abundance. Basic well-being, sensuality, and pleasure are at stake here. 

When you’re wealthy, you’re in touch with the life-death-rebirth cycle of the human condition, and you feel a sense of well-being and abundant health. When you’re not wealthy, you’re out of touch with the life-death-rebirth cycle of the human condition, and you feel guilt. The former is the archetype of the Emperor. The latter is the archetype of the Martyr. 

Shock your sacral chakra by having the emperor archetype forgive the martyr archetype. In a state of mindful detachment, imagine yourself above your ego. Visualize your inner martyr being anointed by your inner emperor. Use the symbolic power of a sword or a scepter. Allow the martyr to let go of a painful past. Allow the emperor to forgive that painful past. 

Sacred alignment is achieved when Pain is transformed into Professor. 

Shocking the Solar: Slave versus Warrior

“Do not speak bad about yourself. For the warrior within hears your words and is lessened by them.” ~ Samurai Proverb

Located above the navel, this energy archetype is about confidence and self-esteem. Personal power and self-worth are at stake here. 

When you have a healthy self-esteem, you’re in touch with the Golden Ratio (Or Golden Rule, Golden Mean) and you feel confident and honorable. When you’re out of touch with the Golden Ratio you feel shameful and dishonorable. The former is the archetype of the Warrior. The latter is the archetype of the Slave. 

Shock your solar chakra by tasking the warrior archetype to teach the slave archetype the value of honor and courage. In a state of mindful detachment, imagine the practice sessions that occur between your inner slave and your inner warrior.

Visualize them wrestling through the shame and dishonor. Visualize the warrior teaching the slave how dishonor itself can be a sharpening stone for higher honor. 

Sacred alignment is achieved when Demons are pressurized into Diamonds. 

Shocking the Heart: Deceiver versus Lover

“The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.” ~ Heraclitus

Located in the center of the chest, this energy archetype is about love and joy. Acceptance, compassion, and sincerity are at stake here. 

When you are Being Love (unconditional), you’re in love with the interconnected cosmos (soul-centric) and you feel passionate. When you’re not Being Love (conditional), you’re only in love with your ego’s attachment to love (ego-centric) and you feel grief. The former is the archetype of the Lover. The latter is the archetype of the Deceiver. 

Shock your heart chakra by having the lover teach the deceiver how to BE Love. In a state of mindful detachment, imagine your inner lover teaching your inner deceiver how to sacrifice the ego to the soul.

Visualize the lover teaching the deceiver how to let go of codependently clinging to expectation and cultural predispositions about the way love should be. Visualize the lover taking the deceiver under its wing and teaching it how to love Agape-style: an all-encompassing love that’s in love with the world-as-self and the self-as-world. 

Sacred alignment is achieved when Grief is transformed into Grace

Shocking the Throat: Fraud versus Grand Communicator

“Remembering that the etymology of ‘psychopathology’ means ‘the expression of the suffering soul,’ we then realize that what is transpiring is a crisis of stories, a conflict of myth, and polarized parties in contention for sovereignty over the soul.” ~ James Hollis

Located in the center of the throat, this energy archetype is about truth and clarity. Clear communication, expression, and creativity are at stake here. 

When you are being truthful, you are “in Flow,” you’re expressive, and you feel inspiration. When you are being untruthful, you are out of Flow, blocked by lies, you experience repression, and you feel uninspired. The former is the archetype of the Grand Communicator. The latter is the archetype of the Fraud. 

Shock your throat chakra by having the grand communicator teach the fraud how to make the darkness conscious. In a state of mindful detachment, look down upon your meditating body and imagine the Ohm radiating around your inner grand communicator and inner fraud. Visualize the sound of truth breaking through the walls of lies.

Visualize the discovery of what those walls were hiding from the fraud, and then have the grand communicator clearly express this discovery to the higher self. 

Sacred alignment is achieved when Deception is transformed into Détournement. 

Shocking the Third Eye: Close-minded Intellectual versus Open-minded Intuitive

“A mistake that makes you humble is better than an achievement that makes you arrogant.” ~ Unknown

Located in the center of the forehead, this energy archetype is about wisdom. Deep knowledge, a robust imagination, and connection with the spiritual realm is at stake here. 

When you are perceiving with the third eye, you’re employing imagination like a mirror onto the world, and you feel intuitive. When your third eye is closed, you’re overly opinionated, willfully ignorant, irrational, and you feel confused and disoriented. The former is the archetype of the Open-minded Intuitive. The latter is the archetype of the Close-minded Intellectual. 

Shock your third eye by having the open-minded intuitive teach the close-minded intellectual how to achieve perception beyond ordinary sight by taking extraordinary leaps of courage out of the ordinary. In a state of mindful detachment, imagine the close-minded intellectual remythologize the ordinary by lifting the veil and courageously turning the paradox of “having an answer” into the universal riddle of “discovering new ways to question.”

Visualize the unity of opposites, where summit and abyss unite, where the yin-yang smears out into the Middle Gray, where closed mind sparks against open mind and creates mindfulness. 

Sacred alignment is achieved when the disease of Certainty is cured by the medicine of Curiosity. 

Shocking the Crown: Egotist versus Spiritual Master

“I believe in everything; nothing is sacred. I believe in nothing; everything is sacred.” ~ Tom Robbins

Located at the top of the head, this energy archetype is about connection with Infinity. Beauty, higher spirituality, acceptance of self, and sacred alignment is at stake here. 

When you are connected to the infinite, you’re in sacred alignment with the Golden Ratio and the cosmic Flow State, you’re a fountainhead channeling higher wisdom, and you feel a powerful sense of self-mastery. When you are not connected to the infinite, you feel spiritually off-balance, out of sync with cosmic forces, disconnected from the whole, and you feel a sense of having lost touch with the underlying essence. The former is the archetype of the Spiritual Master. The latter is the archetype of the Egotist. 

Shock the crown by doubling down on mystery. Have the spiritual master honor the egotist with humility through humor. In a state of mindful detachment, imagine the master poking holes into the egotist’s inflated sense of self-preservation. 

Visualize the master flipping all the scripts, turning all the tables, pushing all the envelopes, and then laughing at all the self-seriousness, until the egotist is disoriented and off-kilter. Then visualize the master “shock-punching” the egotist in the chest the way Doctor Strange shocks people out of their bodies. 

Sacred alignment is achieved when Humility gives birth to High humor and the egotist is “planted” in the ground to repeat the entire process again, from root to crown and back again. 

Image Source
Repatterning by Christina Gage

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Thank you for this. This is so good.

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