The Difference Between Having Sex Vs Making Love

“Unless your sexuality rises and reaches to love it is mundane, it has nothing sacred about it. When your sex becomes love, then it is entering into a totally different dimension – the dimension of the mysterious and the miraculous. Now it is becoming religious, sacred, it is no longer profane.” ~ Osho

Sex is sacred (not in a religious way), but as pure cosmic energy it’s an act that can connect us with the divine. It is the most profound way to facilitate deeper connections with our significant others.

Sex is meditatiosexual-energyn with someone else’s body and mind; it is a glimpse of ecstasy. In tantric terms, Sex is a means to bridge the gap between the mind and the body, between love and hate and the dualities of feminism and manhood.

But to have such a sacred experience with sex, one must let go of the glamorisation and glorification of sex that has been fed to us by various mediums, movies, books, media and even each other.

Sex has now become something that is used to satisfy one’s sexual desires or just for an orgasm.

If the orgasm was so easy to get then why is sex an expression of the divine? Why do we seek that connection? An orgasm is not the end, it is the beginning of our transcendence and during the course of this transcendence is when we meet the divine within our self and the divine within our partner.

Sex is a gateway to higher state of consciousness and probably it is more of a spiritual experience than a physical experience.

Why do People Indulge in Casual Sex?

For some individuals, sex with any random person is as good as sex with their wife or fiancée. While some consider it as sacred and they refrain from having sex with any random person.

What makes these individuals so radically different from each other is not just their ideals, but also their past experiences and changed outlook towards relationships. Or people who have been deceived or cheated on have a higher tendency to indulge in casual sex.

It can be a coping mechanism for people who have had a string of unsuccessful relationships which changed their outlook towards committed relationships.

Effects of Casual Sex

People indulging in frequent casual sex have reported stress and anxiety as a reason and conversely, people who have made love only to their significant others have reported sex to reduce their stress and anxiety levels.

Other common reactions include regret, disappointment, confusion, embarrassment guilt and low self-esteem.

Having Sex = Making Love?

The modern day justification is sex can make people fall in love. Well, most of the times that is’nt the case. Sex is indeed a slow, gradual process wherein a couple can literally build love, create love and so the term “making love” is rightly coined.

Casual sex and making love are both used to refer to the same acts of sexual intercourse. The difference lies in the couples’ familiarity to each other, their reliability as partners and emotional connection with each other.

The act of making love creates love and compassion for our partner and makes us increasingly sensitive towards them.

“A good orgasm is satisfying but a great orgasm can be a revelation of your deepest being, unfolding the truth of who you are in ecstatic communion with your lover.” ~ David Deida

Sex is an act that leads to a mind, body and soul connection between two individuals. When sex is done to the mind, it can be nourished and grown into a beautiful experience lasting for a lifetime for both the participants and when sex is done to the body, it is reduced to nothing more than a stress-buster which can last for a minute or two.

As Osho rightly stated, “Sexuality is possible without any understanding, without any meditation. Love is possible only with understanding and meditation.”

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Divine Love
Shiva Shakti

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