“I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I myself become the wounded person.” ~ Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

You may see being highly empathic as a curse, especially when it seems to push people away from you rather than pull them towards you. Holding on to other people’s energy, particularly their darkness, can mean those around you ironically confuse you for an energy vampire or certainly someone to be avoided.

This, when you have emotional wounds from childhood and are unable to open up to people easily anyway can be maddening, especially when all you want to do is to share joy with others and protect them from harm.

But it may be that we have got it all wrong. Especially when it comes to the empath and what they’re really here for.

Empaths are actually highly advanced souls who are here for a distinct and luminary purpose. If anything, we should focus on the innate power, startling resourcefulness and ability to recover after a particularly crippling karmic wave that the empath can endure.

Empathy is a gift, and needs to begin to be recognized as such. Rather than sheltering behind judgments that are born out of seeing through others projections on you, for example, recognize that your innate powers will only be triggered and grounded with one overriding force: compassion. You came here to do this, and now is the time to accept and elevate your path.

Here are 5 powers associated with heightened empathy which will help those who have been complaining to rapidly turn about and start counting their blessings:

You not only see other’s deceptions, but their potential

People don’t like being around you much when you only mirror their faults. But they long to be around you when you chose to mirror their potential and actively help them bring it into the now. A trap empaths can fall into is to lower their own status in order to empower others. But, knowing that healthy boundaries are an ongoing task, we can practice with every interaction.

Practice heightening your frequency in the presence of others and you will attract them to their own true potential. Be as authentic as you can, staying in alignment and people will be wowed by your intense energy and begin to be drawn to you. But then that’s what you’re really afraid of, right?

You become a beacon of light and fun

When an empath decides to no longer absorb as a way to help others, they gain control over their energetic field and begin channelling higher states of consciousness. The key is being fiercely in the moment.

Forget introversion and extroversion, once you flip the mirror on people’s projections by protecting your energy field you immediately raise the bar and become your own source of energy. Yes that’s right, you actually transcend the whole exchange of energy entirely and become a conduit for direct source-to-human channelling. You have to experience it to feel the high.

You will have literally stepped out of the matrix, and then every time someone tries to hook you with a downer or trick you into lowering your frequency (unfortunately people do this constantly to empaths because the empath, knowingly or unknowingly is drawing out their dense areas and saying hey!

Look at this you might want to pay attention to it! And that’s why people appear to dislike us.) What they don’t realise is that they are subconsciously desiring you to do this. So the people who want to show you how much ego you have, and those who want to attack your own credibility are actually those who need the most love and attention.

See yourself as a blank canvas who is strong enough for this energetic uplifting to occur. No need to take it personally, it was YOU who chose to embody this path remember? You’re more than capable, and what you’re doing is a great honour.

You can communicate with the whole of the human race through telepathy

Through your inner knowing you can tell people about their inner riches or of the higher truths through telepathy. Trust me you are that sharp.

This may be why you seem sludgy and strange to those who are used to the same old repetitive conversations; when they meet someone who lives in truth yet is processing so much in one go (the timelines a person is admitting to themselves and not simultaneously) you can see why communication for an empath can be a strain.

So instead of trying to wow anyone with complex theories of the universe, stick to simply being. Be with them and find the correct energetic space with which to help them – basically raise your frequency – and let them do all the talking. Then, when you ‘see’ or hear a deception just mirror and stay in the receptive mode.

You can also communicate telepathically with them – you already are on one level whether you’re aware of it or not – and implant good thoughts by consciously thinking about things you admire about them either during the conversation or after it in a sort of remote healing. They will work the rest out on their own.

Implanting love through eye contact

The downside of a narcissistic relationship, the one that so many empaths fall prey to in their beginning stages, is that it dents the empath’s confidence to spread the love they’re capable of spreading.

Simply by raising your frequency as you walk down the street you can catch the eye of people you pass and ‘implant’ all of them (or even one makes a good days work) with that frequency. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie doesn’t it? But as a person who is highly sensitive to energy you will know how this works.

Transcending self and bridging the gap between non-physical and physical existence

If the ego is baited by these various exchanges of energy, then the authentic self of the empath is actually rooted in nothingness. By deflecting every dig or hook others try to bait you with, you are aligning with the archetype or path of a prophet, or compassion consciousness.

Compassion consciousness is the light in your heart and the space you discover when you come into alignment with yourself. There, you discover there is no self, only a familiar humour and high-flying optimism like that of a wise old child.

It’s hard, I know. Especially when the empath also needs love. But you can be rest assured that your spirit guides and support network beyond the veil will be there for you whenever you need them.

Part of the path of being a lightworker is being lonely, and you will get tired. But the lesson this life wants you to learn is how to refill your own energetic cup by aligning directly with the Whole, directly with Source.

You are the eternal parent and can be humbled by not receiving that nurturing back from others in your direct experience. Yet that doesn’t mean you’re not being nurtured by someone. Do your days work and then curl up and recharge, there goes another day on the front row seat of the planetary awakening. You’re so excited you got the ticket, and deep down you know you’re doing great.

Did you know that in your self-less acts you are actually bridging the gap between the non-physical planes and the physical ones? Like a medium you are bringing humanity closer to the higher knowledge gained when people continue on into death. In this way you are also bringing us closer to transcending death because in our awakening to those higher abilities we are better able to understand our role in the voluntary death process.

You are acting as an empowerment role model and, although it may not always seem like it, you are making a huge difference.

So there we have it, your five superpowers… and I’m sure there are many more just waiting there to be discovered and harnessed. Sounds much better than the usual empathy curse, don’t you think?

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