A Guide to Wellbeing: 25 Spices from your Kitchen that can be used to Treat Common Ailments

“Until fairly recently, every family had a cornucopia of favorite home remedies–plants and household items that could be prepared to treat minor medical emergencies, or to prevent a common ailment becoming something much more serious. Most households had someone with a little understanding of home cures, and when knowledge fell short, or more serious illness took hold, the family physician or village healer would be called in for a consultation, and a treatment would be agreed upon. In those days we took personal responsibility for our health–we took steps to prevent illness and were more aware of our bodies and of changes in them. And when illness struck, we frequently had the personal means to remedy it. More often than not, the treatment could be found in the garden or the larder. In the middle of the twentieth century we began to change our outlook. The advent of modern medicine, together with its many miracles, also led to a much greater dependency on our physicians and to an increasingly stretched healthcare system. The growth of the pharmaceutical industry has meant that there are indeed “cures” for most symptoms, and we have become accustomed to putting our health in the hands of someone else, and to purchasing products that make us feel good. Somewhere along the line we began to believe that technology was in some way superior to what was natural, and so we willingly gave up control of even minor health problems.” ~ Karen Sullivan, The Complete Family Guide to Natural Home Remedies: Safe and Effective Treatments for Common Ailments

I have always believed that nature has a cure for everything, if only we know how to use it and when to use it. From the time our two children were babies (one is 9 years and the other one is 4 years old), we always attempted and succeeded several times in treating them with natural remedies for common childhood ailments – cold, cough, stomachache, fever and so on. 

Unless of course, when things got out of hand, like on one occasion our elder son got a bad bout of stomach infection and had to be treated with allopathic medicines, then we took him to the doctor. 

Since the dawn of humanity, people from across the world have used what was in “nature’s pharmacy” to heal themselves. Grandma’s old remedies, or cures may be old, but are of relevance and importance in today’s world where popping pills is considered normal.  

Below are spices which are found in your kitchen rack that can be used to heal several ailments –  

Let’s take a look at the uses of 25 different spices from our kitchen to treat common ailments. 

1) Cumin Seeds (Jeera)

– Long-term Fever: Take 5 gms cumin seed powder + 5 gms jaggery powder, mix it up and make around three balls and have one in the morning, afternoon and evening. Continue doing this for seven to 21 days.

– Cough: Take 5 gms dried ginger powder (Soonth) + 5 gms cumin seed powder + 1 tsp honey. Mix it up and have it in the morning on an empty stomach (before brushing your teeth) and at night (before going to bed), avoid drinking water after that.

– Urinary problems: Take a small mud pot or a bowl if you don’t have a pot, fill it with water. Add ½ tsp cumin seed powder and leave it overnight. Boil this water in the morning in a vessel, add 1-2 gms Rock sugar (a healthier substitute for table sugar, it has certain medicinal properties and essential nutrients that help relieve many health conditions) in it. Drink the water on an empty stomach, once a day.

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The above information has been obtained from a veteran who has been a supporter of organic farming and growing your own food for several decades. She is a strong supporter of living a simple and natural lifestyle that keeps diseases away!

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