Gaining Freedom from the Known ~ Stepping into the Unknown

We live under this notion that we are free, either because we have the monetary power, freedom of choice, freedom to choose a job, freedom to travel wherever you wish etc. we tend to choose whatever reason we think fits into our frame of ideologies and the way we perceive the world.

We follow certain spiritual gurus, read some philosophy, conform to a certain ideology, lead a mechanical life, so every form of philosophy is merely an escape from reality, is that actually freedom? We lead a dual life between the ideology of a system and the actuality of our daily existence. In trying to conform to the ideology we suppress ourselves.

We want to be free from painful unhappy experiences. Is it freedom when we are free from pain, and free from anxiety? Or is freedom something entirely different? There is a tendency in us to put up with things, to get used to them, blame it on circumstances, or blaming others for any kind of disturbance in our own lives.

We can be free from dogma, but the desire to be free from a dogma can also be because it’s no longer fashionable or convenient. When we say we are free from something it is a reaction and that will bring about another reaction which leads to another conformity and another form of domination. But it is not freedom…

“We live in fragments – we are one thing in the office and the other at home, you talk about democracy but in your heart you are autocratic. We have really looked at ourselves. We explain things away or we are frightened to look. When we look totally, then there is no room for fear. It seems to me that most of us are not aware of what we are talking about, not only the environment but the colours, the shape of the trees, the clouds, the movement of water, perhaps because we are so concerned about ourselves, our own pleasure, our pursuits that we aren’t objectively aware. We aren’t aware of the outward or inward things.” ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Freedom from the Known

Why aren’t we really free? Here are some of the reasons why freedom is an illusion of the mind

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J Krishnamurti by D Walton

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