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gloabl warming blunder

Goodbye Global Warming

If you are a regular reader here you would have come across one of the many articles on Global Warming that we have blogged about. But as change and understanding is never constant with us, we are goi... »

The Biggest & Brightest Full Moon of 2010

The Biggest & Brightest Full Moon of 2010

I saw it rising on the horizon, draped in white, shining in its full glory, wide and bright. The full moon night is here, and this time its the biggest and brightest of 2010, because its closer to ear... »


The Wandering Ayurvedic Doctors of India

Traveling around the country in vans, living in open fields, following an age-old tradition of selling Ayurvedic jadibuti (medicinal and aromatic plants)), is the lifestyle of a nomadic tribe from Sat... »

Discovering the Magic of Aloe Vera

Discovering the Magic of Aloe Vera

We are settling into our new home and discovering the wonders of living close to nature. Something which would be lacking in a city, where urban dwellers aiming to lead a greener lifestyle end up payi... »

Our Jain Wedding

As the day approached closer the excitement was building mixed with shades of anxiety, of course in a good way. We did tie the knot in church but the Jain wedding was going to be a slightly bigger aff... »

Our Wedding in Church

Its been a wild journey full of highs and lows. We traversed the hills and forests, lived in the wild and urban jungles, we fell apart and were pieced together bit by bit. Finally after years of nurtu... »

Israeli Backpackers in India

“Hey Tony, have a nice trip in India. Don’t waste your time in Kasol, go further up to Spiti or Kinnaur (in Himachal Pradesh) or some more beautiful places. You should make good use of you... »

A Glimpse of Udaipur Enroute Mumbai

We were back in Dharamkot after the failed attempt to trek to Kareri lake. Our trip was coming to an end, unfortunately, I always hate this part. We had to board a bus to Delhi and from there take a t... »

Lost in The Forests of Kareri

Just couple of minutes away from Norbulingka Institute in Dharamsala is Gyuto monastery, known as home of the Karmapa. It was a hot sunny day, seemingly different climate as compared to the cold deser... »

Treasures of Tibet at Norbulingka

A day of rest and a short trek to Nadi, which we didn’t even complete, we were determined to do something more productive in Dharamsala, the last destination of our Himachal trip. We found out t... »

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