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Back from a Holiday to Himachal Pradesh!

Hello readers, We are back in Mumbai after traveling in Himachal Pradesh for nearly a month and what a wonderful surprise was in store for us. Fractal Enlightenment has moved up to Page Rank 5, thanks... »


Kashmir, where are you Now? : Part 2

In the first part of Kashmir where are you now? we took a look at the trauma that the woman in Indian occupied Kashmir go through with rape cases. In this post we shall take a look at Half widows, wha... »


Kashmir, where are you Now? : Part 1

Kashmir, if there’s heaven on it they said its Shangrila in Kashmir, I have been deviating from this topic for a long time. Every India for some reason perhaps its what we are born and brought u... »

the calling by Max Igan

The Calling by Max Igan

Sometimes you come across a documentary that makes you question and quells your ideas. The point of watching documentaries is to pass on information you can use, ‘The Calling’ may perhaps ... »

Floral Delights at your Feet

Floral Delights at your Feet

There is no limit to a person’s creativity. Many times just a thought or an idea is transformed into something beautiful. Just like in the case of the French photographer Michel Tcherevkoff who ... »


Aurora Australis: The Magical Southern Lights

When the cosmic energies are at play it produces the most enchanting visual spectacle in the night sky. Nature’s light show you can call it, that is like a splash of colors over the dark sky. If... »


Buddha Boy with Divine Powers

We have written about the Buddha boy before, Ram Bahadur Bomjon who is trying to attain enlightenment by meditating with minimal food and drink for six years. But there has been a lot of criticism, a ... »

gulabi gang in India

Gulabi Gang Upholding Women’s Rights

Woman in India have been taken for granted, they have been physically and mentally abused in many sections and stratas of society. Today there are still so many problems like the ongoing rapes in Delh... »

led poi circles

Exercising the Mind and Body with Pois

Poi means ball in Māori, its basically a ball attached to a plaited chord. Perhaps you would have seen a poi performance in Goa, fire and LED pois are pretty common. The earliest Poi performances have... »

The Old Custom of Stilt Fishing in Sri Lanka

The Old Custom of Stilt Fishing in Sri Lanka

This is no ordinary fishing, there might be several methods of catching a fish but this one is mind-boggling. Fishermen in Sri Lanka use stilts to catch a fish. Yes, stilt fishing is an old tradition ... »

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