Embracing Your Negative Mind by Honouring Your Truth

“The truth is, there is nothing wrong with the world. In a greater scheme of things, negativity is as useful as positivity.” ~ Talidari, Magic Tree

More than the negative thoughts itself, it is the indicator of having negative thoughts within us that bothers us the most. We put lot of pressure on our brains to think positive thoughts all the time which in turn lead us into the downward spiral of thinking negative thoughts. We are scared of being negative and this very fear of negativity keeps us negative.

This can change if you think that negative thoughts are not bad for you. Accept that your mind is like a blue sky and over the course of its life many kinds of birds will fly through it. Embrace the vastness of your thoughts whole-heartedly.

It is only in this vastness you will realize your infinite nature, and in this very realization, you will get rid of the fear associated with thoughts.

This will give you the ability to be completely present with yourself and stop you from ruminating over the past or wondering about the future.

How the acceptance happens?

Of course, it won’t happen all of a sudden. This is because our brains have been brainwashed into taking fear-based approach for experiencing anything in life as our authenticity and honesty is often not well-perceived by the world.

As we all want to look good in the eyes of the world, we often, unconsciously, take the route of compromising with our truth which leads to extreme amount of negativity and anxiety in our body. This act of confiding in the crumbling comfort of majority, ultimately, manifests itself in the form of negatively charged thoughts and feelings.

Many of us indulge in the self-help techniques of getting rid of negativity because we have the fear that we might completely turn our lives upside down at the hands of our mind.

This is not a friendly thought for your mind though, because your mind just felt judged while you were in the process of setting expectations for it to be positive.

Picture this situation: you are having dinner with your family and during the flow of conversation your mother suddenly mentions that you need to take more responsibility for your life than you currently are, and to this, your reaction is in a form of confusion.

Your mind experiences invalidation and unworthiness in the form of words uttered by your mother and hence, it feels hurt and helpless.

Similarly, if you ask your mind to shut off the negative thoughts because it is not okay to have them, the mind feels hurt and helpless while deepening the circulation of negative thoughts. Here you are, stuck in a pattern and to break this pattern: being conscious of when this happens is a good start.

As Franz Kafka suggests, “You have the chance to make a new beginning. don’t throw it away. if you insist on digging deep into yourself, you won’t be able to avoid the muck that will well up. but don’t wallow in it.”

If you are on your path to healing, then it is indeed a loving approach to deal with each and every negative emotion buried deep into your subconscious mind while embracing them with love.

On certain days, you will completely feel controlled by them but don’t let that scare you because yet again, your mind is tricking you into believing that you are alone in this process when the truth is you aren’t alone.

This is yet another fear embedded into your mind by the society: fear of being alone. There are so many human beings and animals who inhabit this earth that your chances of being alone is next to none. You are only alone when you deny yourself the alignment you yearn for because you judge your process of healing or even worse – judging yourself for needing healing.

Every human that has gone through the process of taking birth and has underwent cultural conditioning in a rigid household family system needs healing, and this makes the most of us unless you have spent your childhood in the realms of mother nature and were allowed to imaginatively and intuitively follow your life’s calling, but again, if this wasn’t the case, then, don’t beat yourself for it.

Begin with loving and with time, the surface level thoughts will reduce and your thinking process will start having a certain quality of depth and empowerment to it.

A Sense of Alignment with Your Life

“It is ironic that constructive thinkers are often misunderstood as negative, as they differ from those longing for positivity: constructive thinkers have been conditioned to find positive in negative rather than suffering from the negative in negative. Or as Paul the Apostle wrote, ‘I have learned the secret to contentment in any and every circumstance.’ He was right.

Indeed, the Lord is our strength, especially under the commandment to love one another. Otherwise we are nothing and easily thrown about by both our own and other people’s mind control in a painful, mental, physical desperation to run from every thought, everything, and everyone not seeming so positive or immediately beneficial to us.” ~ Criss Jami, Killosophy

Eventually, it won’t be about the negativity or positivity anymore. It will be about feeling a sense of connectedness with your heart and mind. Such a connectedness with the self travels inward seeking new destinations for the purpose of expansion, and this journey feels joyous despite of the trials and tribulations.

Joy is quite a powerful state to be in, it is different from happiness. Joy is a state of acceptance of all that is and all that you are. It is a state of truthfulness where you can allow yourself to be authentic, where duality of negativity and positivity won’t exist and you rise above it.

So, feel your darkness because in it lies the way to magic. Positivity, ultimately, is nothing but a complete trust in the process of life.

The Negativity Cure - Teal Swan -

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Garima Roy
Garima Roy
Garima Roy, as a sentient being, loves to explore the world with her mind, heart, and soul. Joy is her natural state. You can get in touch with her on:
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