Going Supernatural ~ Unlocking your True Human Potential ~ Part 2

In Part 1 of Going Supernatural we saw that our capabilities are limited by our beliefs and that we can unlock far more than what we imagine we’re capable of. Bhavika had interviewed Bruce Lipton who gave us the Biology of Belief, you should read the interview to get another perspective of what we’re going to cover today.

There are two things that I’m going to cover in this part, one is how to shift your focus on manifesting a more abundant life and the second which is very dear to me is self-healing.

If you happen to read the article I wrote on Understanding the Cyclic Patterns of Our Existence According to Rudolf Steiner, you would find that disease steps in when we’re not aligned with our purpose, or when we ignore our spiritual calling and this pattern repeats throughout our lives until we respond to this call or address the issue.

My journey with self-healing

Coming back to why I hold self-healing dear to me. Here’s one of the stories that changed me. My friends and I were chilling, and we decided to shift base, I got on my motorcycle and started it and while riding I realized that my left hand to press the break was not really responding, I could hardly press the break when I tried.

When we stopped, I told my friends I’m going home, something’s wrong with me. They were like what, just come. So we had to jump across a 2-foot wall and I just couldn’t lift my leg up and that made me change my mind. I got on the bike and reached home, which was 10 minutes away.

While riding, I realized I could no longer press the break, and when I reached home I could hardly climb up the stairs, we stayed on the third floor and I literally dragged my self up. When I reached home, just told my folks that I’m not feeling good, and I went off to sleep in an instant. When I woke up the next day, and tried to get off the bed I couldn’t, I just couldn’t get up.

I pulled myself out and when I tried to walk, only my right leg was responding, my left leg had to be dragged, my left hand was clenched into a fist and none of the fingers responded, I couldn’t even move my hand much. My right hand was better, I could hold a thing, but it was not what it used to be.

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Art by Yana Istoshina

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Going Supernatural ~ Unlocking your True Human Potential ~ Part 2

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